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Ramzan Kadyrov has found the obvious opponent

Yesterday parliament of the Chechen Republic has confirmed of Ramzana Kadyrov to the post the president of republic on Vladimir Putin`s representation. During ballot which has been selected as the most democratic way of deputy will, against its nominee has ventured to express only one deputy. The long-awaited statement and. In a post the Chechen Republic has noted an island of the president festivals.
to a building of the republican Ministry of Finance where should take place joint session of the top and bottom chambers of parliament of the Chechen Republic, the people have started to be tightened since the morning. Protection was a little, curious nobody drove, and even were not expensive are blocked, as it became before at carrying out of actions with participation and. An island of the president. For example, ten days ago, when the plenipotentiary of the president in Southern federal district Dmitry Kozak came to carry out consultations on nominees on a post of the head of the Chechen Republic, even public transport have started up bypassing the Ministry of Finance, and on roofs of high-rise buildings have seated snipers.

by noon at a building of the Ministry of Finance the big crowd has gathered. From the medical school located nearby students in white dressing gowns have come running. us have released from employment, have told that in such occasion it is possible to walk all the day long - they have explained. From dinamikov cheerful Caucasian melodies spread, sometimes in a circle there were steams and danced lezginku.

By 12 o`clock all deputies were already on a place, accompanied by the president of Ingushetia Murata Zjazikova has approached also plenipotentiary Kozak. As it was found out, organizers of action have not considered that 12. 30 - time of a lunch Mohammedan prayer and passes it on sacred Friday for Moslems bogobojaznennyj Ramzan Kadyrov could not, therefore session have transferred at 13 o`clock.

Places behind a presidium table were occupied with speakers of council of republic and national meeting Vahit Mantsaev and Dukvaha Abdurahmanov. Between them mister Kozak, the president of Ingushetia Zjazikov has taken place remained in a hall among deputies, and most and. Islands of the president have set aside behind a separate table. Behind his back in a guard of honour the Russian and Chechen flags had two young men in Circassians and with daggers, and at some distance from a scene - two Chechens in national suits with the bunches of flowers prepared for mister Kadyrov.

- when Ramzan Kadyrov in October 2005 - go has arrived to settlement Gehi and promised to construct for three months there hospital not all have believed in it, - deputy Musa Hamzatov left the first on a tribune. - But, as well as it was promised, by New year hospital have handed over.

present at a hall understood, why mister Hamzatov has remembered about that hospital. Gehi - native village of political opponent Ramzana Kadyrov, eks - the mayor of Grozny of Beslan Gantamirov. Ramzan has made for gehintsev what they have not waited from the fellow villager - one of deputies has explained. It was not casual, as he said, time of building of hospital is chosen also: in the autumn of 2005 the conflict between Ramzanom Kadyrov and Beslan Gantamirov has inflamed.

the former sportsman Umar Ozdamirov has reminded everything as many mister Kadyrov has made for sports development.

- believe to me as to the former sportsman, I know that I speak. Thanks to Ramzanu our sportsmen it is reached the big heights, - he has assured gathered.

the deputy from Naura Anna Kolesnikov long to speak about good deeds of the candidate did not become and has only pensively noticed:

- Knowingly Vladimir Putin has brought on March, 1st Ramzana Kadyrov`s nominee on the statement. The first day of spring it is symbolical. I believe that with the new president the period of blossoming of our republic will begin.

as wishing to speak against the nominee of mister Kadyrov in a hall was not, the speaker of national meeting has suggested to pass to voting. A part of deputies suggested to vote in the open way, however mister Abdurahmanov has insisted on the secret.

- then would say that we have arrived nedemokratichno, were frightened, say, of ballot, - he has explained the decision.

as have shown results of voting which have been declared in half an hour, such way of will has been selected not in vain. From 18 deputies of council of republic for Ramzana Kadyrov`s statement in a post 17 persons (one bulletin has appeared spoilt) have voted. 40 deputies of the lower chamber have voted not so harmoniously: at 38 voices for and one spoilt bulletin one deputy as speaker Abdurahmanov has specified, has voted against. After that specifications gathered have started to look around, as though wanted to find in a hall of the one who has voted against.

Having received from hands of mister Abdurahmanova the decision about investment with its powers of the president of the Chechen Republic, mister Kadyrov has addressed to gathered on the Chechen language with the promise to make all from it depending for republic prosperity. In the answer it was distributed amicable the Allah akbar!

On termination of session of Lord Kozak, Zjazikov and Kadyrov have taken part in festivals. The newly made president of the Chechen Republic has pulled out in a circle of dancing mister Zjazikova, and has then danced also itself. Plenipotentiary Kozak modestly stood apart at this time, clapping in ladoshi. After dances Ramzan Kadyrov has set Dmitry Kozaka and Murata Zjazikova in the car and has carried the visitors in Magas on the meeting devoted to prospects of cooperation of Ingushetia and the Chechen Republic.