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With Krasnodar intertwine in a network

Yesterday the Petersburg company “ Dorinda “ has opened the hypermarket of a network first in Krasnodar “ O`kej “. In building of a complex the network operator has enclosed about $15 million Heads of a network do not exclude that in Krasnodar can be constructed 3-4 more similar shopping centres. Network plans for development krupnoformatnoj roznitsy in Krasnodar also are at “ the Magnet “: the first hypermarket of this operator should open in the summer of this year. Experts assume that “ the Magnet “ and “ O`kej “ have about equal odds to create successful networks in Krasnodar which has today serious deficiency of qualitative floor spaces.
yesterday representatives of a network “ O`kej “ have declared that the exit on the Krasnodar market became the next stage of regional expansion Petersburg ritejlera. Employees “ O`kej “ Especially underlined that for the hyperbreadboard model first in Krasnodar it was possible to choose successful, in their opinion, a platform: nearby to a traffic intersection conducting in microdistrict “ Anniversary “ with the population about 100 thousand persons. According to the general director of a network Igor Makarova, in building of a complex by a total area of 11 thousand in sq. m it has been enclosed about $15 million Directly under a trading floor it is taken away 6,5 thousand sq. metres. Mister Makarov has informed that a network “ O`kej “ expects to open in Krasnodar 3-4 more shopping centres, truth what will be a format of these objects, he has not specified. Earlier heads “ O`kej “ declared plans in parallel with krupnoformatnoj retail to develop a network of supermarkets of smaller format “ About ` Kej the Express train “ with a floor space of 1,2 thousand in sq. m.

It is expected that the assortment of the hypermarket opened yesterday will include an order of 25 thousand names of the goods. Representatives of a network also have designated the price policy “ O`kej “ in Krasnodar: as they said, the hypermarket will work on “ classical European model “ assuming that “ an overall price level in hypermarkets of a network more low on 12-15 %, than in supermarkets and “ shops at the house “ other retail operators “.

the First hypermarket of a network “ About ` kej “ has opened in St.-Petersburg in May, 2002. Operates Joint-Stock Company network “ Dorinda “ which, in turn, enters in Dorinda Holding S. A. (Luxembourg). At the moment 11 hypermarkets enter into a network in St.-Petersburg a total area more than 120 thousand in sq. m, and also 2 regional hypermarkets - in Rostov-on-Don and Tolyatti. The turn in 2005 has made $430 million It is remarkable that for July - August of this year opening in Krasnodar the first krupnoformatnogo network shopping centre " is planned; the Magnet “. It is expected that the network distkaunterov will act in new to itself role: by data „“, the hypermarket total area can make 12 thousand in sq. m, assortment - 25 thousand positions.

experts assume that at “ the Magnet “ and the Petersburg company about equal odds to create successful networks in the regional centre. According to analyst IK “ the Renaissance the Capital “ Natalias Zagvozdinoj, advantage “ the Magnet “ consists in knowledge of features of the Krasnodar market and requirements of local residents. Besides, as it is convinced an analyst, “ the Magnet “ as the Krasnodar company will apply for more favourable sites for building krupnoformatnyh the centres. However thus madam Zagvozdina has noticed that “ O`kej “ Has a wide experience of management of hyperbreadboard models, while for “ the Magnet “ it is a new format.

experts also notice that operators have successfully chosen time to start building of networks as krupnoformatnaja retail trade in Krasnodar is developed poorly, and, except that, the city has serious deficiency of qualitative floor spaces. “ despite a considerable quantity of statements for ground plans office and shopping centres in Krasnodar, realisation of projects was started by the few. Now in a city two work only trading - the entertaining centre. If the next years will appear 4-5 more such centres is already will be good result and will lower deficiency “ - general director ADM Group has shared opinion with „“ (Rostov, develops network TRTS “ Kalinka - Malinka “) Herman Krasheninnikov.

Sergey Surzhenko
AIM Property Development has thrown a stone on crossing of highways
Yesterday in Krasnodar bookmark solemn ceremony " has taken place; the first stone “ in building trading - an entertainment complex “ Oσηύδ “ (OZ) companies AIM Property Development. The Total area located on crossing of highways “ Don “ and “ Krasnodar-Kropotkin “ a complex will make 170 thousand sq. metres. In its territory hypermarkets, shops of retail trade of known brands, entertaining zones, a children`s playground and a skating rink " will take place;. The prospective volume of investments - $290 million TRTS is planned to start up already to the beginning of 2008. Representatives AIM Property Development underline that Krasnodar becomes the first of 20 Russian cities in whom the company will begin project realisation on building of network TRTS OZ.