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“ the Center - invest “ has occupied for economy

Open Society Management “ KB „the Center - invest“ “ in London has signed the agreement on reception of the international syndicated credit for the sum of $80 million organised by banks Standard Bank PLC (Standardbank PiElSi, London) and Commerzbank AG (Kommertsbank, Frankfurt). Under the statement of representatives of bank, the credit will go on investment to power saving up technologies, agrarian sector, building, the industry and a transport infrastructure of the south of Russia.
as have informed „“ in a press - Open Society service “ KB “ the Center - invest “ “ the London credit is given by syndicate which includes 37 big banks from 17 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. The transaction is closed on the sum of $80 million with term in one year and with an option of prolongation for one year. Under the statement a press - the secretary “ the Center - investa “ Dmitry Gorchakova, creditors have made the positive decision taking into account last year successfully placed in August of a three-year bonded loan “ KB “ the Center - invest “ “ for the sum of 1,5 million bonds face value of 1 thousand roubles, anderrajterom which Rosbank has acted. Conditions of granting of the credit and the bank rate “ the Center - an investment ohm “ do not reveal yet. As mister Gorchakov has explained, bank partners declare the transaction only in the beginning of the next week.

Open Society “ KB „the Center - invest“ “ it is founded in 1992. On its share it is necessary more than third of total amount of the capital, over 40 % of actives, credit investments and contributions of banks of the Rostov region. The filial network covers 32 cities in the Rostov and Volgograd areas, and also in Krasnodar territory. The European bank of reconstruction and development posesses 21,5 % of an authorised capital stock of bank “ the Center - invest “ (25,23 % of voting actions), the German corporation DEG - 17,6 % (20,63 %), to the president of bank Vasily Vysokovu - 11,3 % (13,3 %), to the councillor of directors to Tatyana Vysokovoj - 11,1 % (13,04 %). As of June, 1st, 2006 a bank net wealth has exceeded 15,3 mlrd roubles, the capital - 2,37 mlrd roubles. In a bank management „“ have informed that credit resources will go on investment to power saving up technologies, agrarian sector, building, the industry and a transport infrastructure of the south of Russia. To concretise projects in “ the Center - investe “ did not become, having noticed that they will be specified within a month. At the same time in bank have noticed that “ the Center - invest “ intend to finance in parallel a part of power saving up projects at the expense of own means. “ such projects are important. The prices for energy carriers stably grow, the equipment on the majority of the enterprises has become outdated or is worn out that seriously increases costs “ - the chief of department of crediting of small-scale business " has underlined; the Center - investa “ Andrey Tuchkov.

the given international syndicated credit already the second in the history of bank. Previous, organised by one of co-owners “ the Center - investa “ the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, on $45 million has been received in July, 2006. 15 banks have taken part in it from Europe, Asia and America. Then a number of projects in the Rostov region and Krasnodar territory has been financed. In particular, financing have received confectionery industrial complex “ Kuban “ and the Taganrog factory “ Lemaks “ bought new stanochnoe and pressovoe the equipment for manufacture of coppers. By data „“, average term of credits for the local enterprises did not exceed three years, the minimum rate at crediting of the enterprises has made 12 % annual in roubles, the maximum size of a loan - $1 million is not excluded that the new syndicated credit will be mastered by bank similarly.

Sergey Ivanov