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Contract employees left on border

the Chief of boundary management of FSB of Russia across Leningrad region Nadim Iskhakov on a press - conferences has reported to journalists about results of activity of management last year. Transfer of all overland parts of frontier troops of Leningrad region into a contract basis became the basic achievement that, according to the general, has solved a problem of not authorised relations. According to general Iskhakov, in 2004 in overland parts of management of FSB of Russia across Leningrad region it has been made 84 crimes connected with not authorised mutual relations, but in 2006 their number has fallen to 14 . As to sea parts of frontier troops in them srochniki while remain - they will serve to 2008 - 2009 (the appeal of 2006 was the last).
According to mister Iskhakov, past year its management had been raised 10 criminal cases on the contraband facts. It has been detained more than 230 infringers of frontier, from them about 160 illegal migrants from 30 countries of the world. The basic quantity of infringers of state border on - former is necessary on Russian - the Finnish site. In total in 2006 through check points UFPS across Leningrad region has proceeded over 12 million persons and about 2,9 million cars.
to make service more attractive and competitive, in management in exchange serzhantskih posts enter posts of ensigns (sergeant receives 12 thousand roubles, and the ensign - 14 - 16 thousand-). According to mister Iskhakov, already now the number of ensigns in management has reached thirds. The second moment with which frontier guards try to involve on service, is a habitation. In 2007 about 300 families of frontier guards will receive new apartments. we not only count on the state giving apartments, but also we participate in investment projects - the chief of frontier management has specified.
introduction the order of the director of FSB of Russia of new limits of a border zone and frontier regime rules became in the summer Important event of 2006 for frontier guards. However, according to mister Iskhakov, in territory of the Vyborg area the border zone remained in former borders, in Lomonosovsky, Kingiseppsky and Slantsevsky areas was only slightly removed in their depth. Head a press - services of the government of Leningrad region Valentine Sidorin on the request to comment on the fact of increase in the area of a border zone has declared that these changes were not reflected in economy in any way. the border zone exists many decades, businessmen are perfectly informed on it. As to the population - tourists, gardeners, hunters and fishers here again as practice has shown, there are no problems. If people go for a long time the receiving party beforehand has time to prepare for them of the admission. To those summer residents, whose sites have got to a border zone, they are given already out - mister Sidorin has informed. Inconveniences from new rules of a frontier regime have tested unless inhabitants of frontier areas of Finland who regularly made earlier trips to Russia on cheap gasoline. Now foreigners have no right to call in anywhere, except the destination specified in their documents.
Dmitry Marakulin