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Quiet office conditions, without excesses

the court (MOUSTACHE) of St.-Petersburg was officially occupied by Ustavnyj in a new premise to the address: the Suvorovsky prospectus, 62. For the first time for more than six-year history the court has ceased to wander on demountable apartments and has received in the using constant residence - in city centre and with a kind on Smolnyj. We will remind that the MOUSTACHE spent the first sessions in buildings of federal courts and arbitration. Then has for a long time located in the House of the lawyer (the former private residence zolotopromyshlennika Alexander Kelha), occupied with Association of lawyers of Petersburg. There justice was managed in the magnificent hall sheathed by wooden panels, with a fireplace, portraits of grandees and olenimi horns on walls. However, in a hall it was cold and darkish. The new structure of court, the elite in 2005, has moved on Stone island, to a so-called Blue summer residence (it - the governmental residence To - 5). Here in a hall it was light and warmly and from a window the magnificent view on picturesque vicinities opened. The minus consisted that the MOUSTACHE was difficult to reach residence.
in both cases of the judge worked on the stranger, not belonging to them under the territory law. And here at last the MOUSTACHE has received in own operational administration (without a rent) the second floor of the Federal house on the Suvorovsky prospectus, 62, the Building is constructed by a total area of 905,2 sq. m. in 1957 and initially projected under the administrative purposes. Therefore ceilings here low, conditions ascetic. any excesses, luxury, normal, quiet office conditions - has characterised Valentine Matvienko`s governor new residence a MOUSTACHE as which unconditional pluses it is possible to consider a convenient site and the neighbourhood with Smolnym. However, the kind on a revolution staff opens only from offices of seven authorised judges. Speak, each judge could choose in advance furnish of the office, including colouring of walls. It is necessary to take a word: during presentation for the press review one office - Natalia Gutsan`s judges has been given only. In it of a wall yellow, as narcissuses in a vase on a little table. In a residence corridor the carpet path, almost same as in corridors of Smolnogo, and the cash dispense is established is laid. Smoking areas it is not provided, the reason of it the chief of sector has explained a press - services the MOUSTACHE Sergey Goloborodov: In court the healthy way of life, except me, smokers of times - two and obchelsja " is propagandised;.
Offices of employees of the device (them under the list of staff of 90 persons) front in an ordinary Petersburg court yard. As well as an inner sanctum vessels - a boardroom the area of 115,2 sq. m. It is on the third floor and is transferred in using of judges on condition that will start up there other officials of the Federal house: From city committee of ground resources and financial control, from Severo - the Western management of Federal cadastral service, and also from the commission not having the apartments on pardon at the governor of Petersburg.
in this hall also there has passed ceremony of house warming the MOUSTACHE. Chairman of the court Sergey Sergevnin has thanked Valentina Matvienko for material efforts which it has undertaken that the MOUSTACHE has received own habitation. (The size of these efforts it was not possible to find out, vitse - governor Victor Lobko has declared only that for such important issue it is insignificant, how many money is spent - one or one and a half million roubles .) The symbolical ribbon separating a table and armchairs for judges from chairs for other participants and observers of litigations, mister Sergevnin undertook to cut. As it was found out, it had no experience in this respect. As a result in process have appeared all high-ranking visitors are involved: the plenipotentiary of the president in Severo - the Western federal district Ilya Klebanov submitted to the chairman of the court scissors, and the governor and the speaker of Legislative Assembly Vadim Tjulpanov held a ribbon suspended.
well that`s all - with simplification Sergey Sergevnin has declared, having coped with procedure. and gifts? - Matvienko`s madam was surprised. - accept from us with Vadim Tjulpanovym a gift . In a hall have brought the big flat box. a pizza - have assumed in back rows of public. But it were the arms of Petersburg. Precisely such, as that on a wall behind an armchair of the chairman the MOUSTACHE already flaunted. Voters are happy, how you here were equipped - Vadim Tjulpanov has authoritatively declared. it will be not close here to the court device? - journalists doubted. it will be close - will reduce staff - parried vitse - governor Victor Lobko.
Maria Olkina