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Sailor`s Tishin sells maljavy

As it became known, unknown persons have intercepted the letter directed by the chairman of board of directors of the company the vashfinansovyj trustee Vasily Bojko from a pre-trial detention centre Sailor`s Tishin on will. To its journalists have suggested to buy for 90 thousand roubles, and the company - for $150 thousand
in was called on March, 1st by the unknown person who has informed that at it is the exclusive information on Vasily Bojko which its lawyers try to hide . Judging by that the sound floated a little, the unknown person used a mobile phone. Calling has refused to inform, about what sensation there is a speech, but after specifying questions was found out that he means the letter which arrested for swindle with the earth has smartly directed to the lawyer Michael Bunin. After a while from the unknown person on e-mail the message entitled " has come; Maljava Vasily Bojko from a pre-trial detention centre to which the small fragment of the hand-written letter of the businessman was applied. the full version costs to 90 thousand roubles. If you have become interested, write on this imejl - it was informed in the accompanying message which author has subscribed Vasiliy Boiko.

Having entered into a correspondence with Vasiliy Boiko, the correspondent has received from it two more fragments of a note of the arrested person Smartly. we Send the beginning and the end! More at all do not ask! If is not present, is not present! - has written Vasiliy Boiko. However then it has sent one more short message with the request to answer about purchase till eight evenings . After that to time Vasiliy Boiko for electronic letters did not answer.

the general director your financial trustee Maria Loboda, having learnt from the correspondent about correspondence with Vasiliy Boiko, has informed that on March, 1st on an electronic box of the company the similar letter has arrived. It has been addressed Lobode personally in hands . I have an information which you carefully hide, do not take in head to try to find it. A place where the information is stored, is under my supervision - it has been written in the letter. The anonymous author demanded to pay to it $150 thousand to three o`clock in the afternoon, otherwise threatened that this information will be made public. According to madam Lobody, it at all did not begin to enter with the blackmailer correspondence.

Having familiarised with fragments of the letter of Vasily Bojko, come in, madam Loboda has informed that it is a note transferred by the businessman on February, 27th from spetsbloka a pre-trial detention centre Sailor`s Tishin where it now contains, to the lawyer. Vasily Bojko has written to its colleagues on the company. I believe that we will pass all hardship and we will overcome all barriers, - is told, in particular, in the letter. - Already now many ours ` opponents ` (enemies) in sincere horror close ears when hear about our successes... the letter comes to an end with phrases the Victory will be for us and With us God! . Yesterday the full text of the letter has been placed on an official site your financial trustee .

As madam Loboda considers, most likely, the letter has been intercepted by law enforcement officers who have tried to earn on it, as could . According to the general director of the company, to it already certain intermediaries who suggested to solve all problems of the mister Smartly some times addressed. the Sums were called different - from $250 thousand to $2,5 million But we consider that truth on our party, and we do not go on such negotiations - she has told. In the company hope that on March, 14th the Moscow City Court will satisfy the complaint of lawyers of the mister Smartly on the decision of the Ostankinsky court authorising its two-month arrest.

in the Moscow management of Federal Agency of execution of punishments and investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs which employees investigate Vasily Bojko`s case to make comments on scandal with his letter yesterday did not become.