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Zenith has acquired to itself contenders

Tomorrow a match with ramenskim Saturn in 1/ 8 cup-finals of Russia Zenith begins a new season. Grandiose acquisitions and ambitions Gazprom the owner sankt - the Petersburg club, mean only one purpose - a victory in all tournaments in which participates Zenith . Probably, this circumstance will lay down excessive cargo on football players of a command. Such sums on purchase of new players which has spent in present inter-season period Zenith any Russian team did not spend still. In the beginning of transfer campaign the club from Petersburg has got for $7 million at Tom` 23 - summer forward Pavel Pogrebnjaka, a bit later for $10 million has been bought 25 - summer halfback Alehandro Dominges. On an outcome of winter transfers 27 - the summer halfback Donetsk " have followed; the Miner Anatoly Timoshchuka - for it Zenith Has paid $20 million that became a record on the post-Soviet territory, - and havbeka Moscow a Torpedo Konstantin Zyryanov who has managed in $3,5 million Thus, for four new players Zenith has paid more than $40 million that could not afford any Russian club. Moreover, in Europe transfers in the size of $20 million steel the phenomenon exotic enough. We will tell, for the double world champion of Brazilian Ronaldo (let and growing old) Italian Milan has paid Madrid to Real in total $10 million to Compare Timoshchuka and Ronaldo from the point of view of their contribution to world football even as - that is awkward. However owners Zenith do not stint expenditure. In the people club from Petersburg, eternally suffering from shortage of means, have already nicknamed Russian ` Chelsea ` . The size of its budget leading analysts of the Russian football, as find it difficult to define even a management Zenith has put forward the thesis: how many it will be necessary to spend for purchase of new players, so much and we will spend. And the word while holds.
a unique consolation for contenders sine - it is white - blue other thesis, consisting that in football money plays not can serve. It is easy to assume, with what mood will leave on matches against Zenith representatives of the commands which budget in two, and even three times concedes to the sum spent zenitovskimi by heads on purchase of Anatoly Timoshchuka. This winter Zenith has turned from a command still recently causing sympathies of all Russia as force, capable to destroy hegemony of the Moscow clubs, to collective against which all commands of premieres - leagues can unite hardly probable not. Simply from - for class hatred . It is impossible to forget also that last two beginners - Timoshchuk and Zyryanov - have recruited ranks Zenith last days winters, and Alehandro Dominges has passed a part of interseasonal preparation from - for traumas. That is it is definitive to force down a command of Diku it is necessary to the Lawyer on a season course. In the same that Zenith to take capable former structure new heights, do not convince neither results of control matches, nor the shown game.
in inter-season period, we will remind, Petersburgers have spent nine matches: have beaten Spanish Malaga - 3:1, Norwegian Stremsgodset - 2:1, Polish the Crown - 1:0, Dutch Nordvejk - 5:1, have conceded to German SHalke - 1:2, Serbian TSrvene to the Star - 0:2, Dutch to the Hague - 2:3, have drawn with Donetsk the Miner - 2:2 and Irish Drogedoj - 0:0. Those who saw these sparringi, agree in opinion that in them Zenith has not shown champion game . On the other hand, at this stage to show it it is unessential. The main thing - to show a maximum level in the championship.
on season start to Zenith three matches successively with ramenskim " are coming; Saturn : on March, 4th and 14 - in 1/ 8 cup-finals of Russia, 11 - go in - the championship. The command situated near Moscow too has surprised the public on finish of transfer campaign, having bought the forward Moscow Dmitry Kirichenko and having leased the halfback Portuguese the Benfika Andrey Karjaku. In structure Saturn it is a lot of players of high level: Antonin Kinski`s goalkeeper, halfbacks Alexey Eremenko and Simon Vukchevich, forward Baffur Gjan. It is possible to assume that Saturn will render to Zenith More the serious resistance. However, the also the forthcoming season that is frank weak teams in elite of the Russian football will differ there was no also a struggle in each match the serious will go.
Yury Baletov