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The corporate raid peak remained behind

Yesterday the commission of Public chamber of Russia on control over activity of law-enforcement and judicial system has held in St.-Petersburg the exit session devoted to local experience of struggle against raiders. Participants of a meeting ascertained that the corporate raid peak is passed, and the Public chamber has suggested to extend the Petersburg experience of struggle against criminal captures of the enterprises to all Russia. According to the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Petersburg and Leningrad region Vladislav Piotrovsky, in our city the corporate raid peak has had on 2005 - 2006, when victims of aggressors of a steel (or nearly not steels) such large enterprises, as the Petersburg oil terminal (actives over $600 million), Confectionery factory of a name Krupsky ($70 million) and Joint-Stock Company Vagonmash being a monopolist in the rolling stock market ($500 million and the state contracts on 1 mlrd roubles). Active struggle against raiders in region has begun only in the end of 2005. Its result in 2006 became, under data, excitation more than 50 criminal cases on criminal captures of the enterprises, detention of three large figurants rejderskogo business and also dismissal of some helpers of raiders in law enforcement bodies and tax service.
as a result of such activity it was possible to guards, according to general Piotrovsky, to prevent capture over 20 city enterprises which actives are estimated in the sum over $1 billion However, the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs is assured what completely to celebrate a victory over raiders early, they constantly think out something new. Already the tendency is now traced: if before raiders involved basically real estate in the central areas of Petersburg and the perspective earths in Leningrad region now to sphere of their interests have got research and project institutes, and also design offices. It is necessary for successful struggle against aggressors, according to general Piotrovsky, to lower level of corruption and to involve really independent judicial system .
Meanwhile for today the judicial prospect of many rejderskih affairs is not clear, is simple because the majority of them are in a stage of preliminary investigation. The vice-president of city court Michael Pavljuchenko has declared at yesterday`s meeting: the Big affairs where is accused of creation or participation in the organised criminal community, podsudny to a jury. In these processes the skilled state accuser who will manage to prove to assessors guilt of figurants of business " should work;. The chief of department on supervision of activity of law-enforcement bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor of Petersburg Andrey Gurishchev named the reasons, disturbing to public prosecutors to struggle with raiders: Absence of investigatory practice, use by criminals of the decisions which have been taken out by courts of remote regions - Siberia, the North Caucasus, and a lacuna in legislative base .
summing up a meeting, the chairman of the commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation on control over activity of law-enforcement and judicial system Anatoly Kucherena has declared that the Petersburg experience of struggle against corporate raid can be quite widespread to all Russia. However to state an estimation to work local pravoohranitelej mister Kucherena has refused, having promised to make it after studying of experience of struggle against raiders .
Dmitry Marakulin