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Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has withdrawn a course

Yesterday the president of the International federation of chess (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov declared what will be the new scheme of draw of a title of the world champion on chess - one of the most prestigious in world sports. Head FIDE who for many years supported idea of giving to game sportivnosti as a matter of fact, has returned to the traditional form remaining within a century. Not tournaments on a knockout - system and not matches - tournaments for a title with participation of several chess players, and spent time in two years classical duels between the owner of a rank and the applicant become its central link again.
yesterday Kirsan Ilyumzhinov declared how the system of draw of a title of the world champion within the next six years will look developed by it on the instructions of the Presidential Council of federation. This cycle as it is told in the statement, returns chess in begun with 1886 the first match for a title between Wilhelm Stejnitsom and Johann Tsukertortom tradition according to which the champion should be defined in a long duel between two strongest grand masters. They will be spent on even years. On odd FIDE will organise World Cups with participation of 126 chess players: only in them the second participant of a title match will come to light.

the structure of the first match - - already is half known 2008. How there was for become in last year after a victory over Bulgarian Veselin Topalov in Elista the absolute world champion of Russian Vladimir Kramnik an autumn champion match - tournament in Mexico from its and seven more grand masters participation, he will acquire the right to play in a title duel.

Depending on results of the Mexican competitions Vladimir Kramnik will play in a title match in quality or the owner of a rank, or the applicant for it against their winner. Thus to Veselin Topalov, in Mexico not playing, possibility to play a match with Vladimir Kramnik if that wins champion tournament is given. If such duel takes place, it will be last match - a revenge in chess.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, having thought up a new cycle, as a matter of fact, has definitively refused own idea which defended throughout more than ten years, from the moment of its election as head FIDE in 1995. It consisted in giving to chess as it named the president of federation, sportivnosti . Kirsan Ilyumzhinov considered that to public, players and potential sponsors, than marathon duels lasting by weeks, the World championships thought up by it on a knockout - system - original chess play - off in which at each stage to the ending are spent mini - matches from two parties with truncated in comparison with classical seven-hour control of time look much more attractive. These superiority regularly, in total five times, were spent since 1997, despite difficulties with search of sponsors (prize-winning Kirsan Ilyumzhinov paid a considerable part from own pocket) and despite refusal of performance in them of variety of leading grand masters, including 13 - go and 14 - go (on classical - matchevoj - numberings) world champions Harry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik. Both, and also 12 - j the champion - Anatoly Karpov who became the winner of the first of a knockout - tournaments, - repeatedly expressed sceptically in their relation. They said that in new competitions the element of chance (really is too great, them won, say, not entering into a top - to ten world rating Alexander Khalifman and Rustam Kasymdzhanov, absolutely young Ruslan Ponomarev), and that the traditional way of draw of a rank nevertheless involves more attention.

last superiority on a knockout - system has taken place in 2004 in Libya on money of Muamara Kaddafi then Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has corrected idea. Instead of a knockout champion matches - tournaments on circular system to which a series of candidate matches should precede have been invented. Mexican will be the second: the first - in 2005 in Argentina the Dignity - Luis - was won by Veselin Topalov.

now the regulations of a champion cycle again in a root are reformed. After all even the World Cup will not be similar on habitual a knockout - superiority. Instead of system play - off in it two group stages and a final from four parties are provided in the end. As a whole the head of trainer`s committee, the international grand master Yury Razuvaev in conversation with the correspondent has characterised all scheme as classics modernisation . Intense schedule 26 - day World Cups, of course, gives priority, as well as superiority on a knockout - system, young chess players. But chess and so have already fine looked younger - he has added.

explaining, why its former position has undergone such changes, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has told that else last year to return to matchevoj to system it General assembly FIDE has asked. After that it has organised poll among the best chess players. Poll has shown that those too support returning of matches. well and, of course, I was convinced that they are necessary, on an example of a match Kramnik - Topalov in Elista, - mister Ilyumzhinov admitted. - Know, how many it has been fixed visitings of a site of a duel? Almost 427 million! In addition this system facilitates search of sponsors. To potential commercial partners matches so we will tell, more clearly, rather than tournaments of eight. By the way, I already have an arrangement with one company on maintenance of a prize fund of a match next year at a rate of $1,5 million, and the head of commercial structure FIDE Global Chess Bessel the Cook at the moment actively is engaged in search of partners under a cycle. And prospects in this plan, as far as I know, good .

the Interrogated chess experts at all were not surprised, having learnt about the scheme of a champion cycle developed by Kirsanom Ilyumzhinov. idea absolutely normal from the point of view of business and a public relations of chess. Eventually, on two competitions - a World Cup and a champion match - money to find easier, than on some. It was, I would tell, a result of long research experiment which was spent by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, - the founder uniting the majority of elite grand masters of the world of Association of chess professionals of Zhoel Lote which also is engaged in commercial activity in marketing sphere has told. - it tried different variants, but has proved to be true that matches for a title of the world champion nevertheless are the most valuable in chess. They make history of this sport, and all of them remember .