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  Privatization Holding “ Primorsklesprom “ the State block of shares from 46,1 % of actions of Open Society " has fallen in price on 1,1 million rbl.; Timber industry holding company “Οπθμξπρκλεροπξμ“ “ exposed on the public auctions by Far East branch of the Russian Federal Property Fund, has fallen in price on 1,1 million rbl., since February, 5th its price makes 5,6 million rbl. the Package represents 43 218 ordinary actions face value one rouble. As Tatyana Mazneva has informed the assistant administrator of branch of the Russian Federal Property Fund, the auctions have begun on January, 22nd with the initial price in 6,7 million rbl. of Each five days the price decreases on 0,5 million rbl. If wishing to get a package will not be, the auctions will be recognised by not taken place on March, 5th. The company authorised capital stock makes 94 thousand rbl. the Controlling stock (57,9 %) actions owns joint-stock company “ Seaside lesopromyshlenniki “ (joint-stock company “ Primorsklesprom “) . It already the third attempt of the state to sell the share in holding “ Primorsklesprom “. Thus absence of applicants is not connected with the big debts of the enterprise - as of October, 1st, 2006 the total sum of accounts payable of the enterprise made 200 thousand rbl. In joint-stock company “ Primorsklesprom “ have informed what to redeem a holding state block of shares do not intend, as it was created in 1990 - e years as a management company for reception of some budgetary privileges, however later these privileges have been cancelled. And the basic actives of holding - small, to 15 %, share holdings of the enterprises, a considerable part from which - bankrupts.
Andrey Dementyev, Vladivostok

  Japanese have helped to catch the International relations brakonerovv Southern - Kurilske Severo - east frontier management of a coast guard studies contents of holds and the vessel documentation “ Captain Radchenko “ The arrested person around island Kunashir for an illegal craft and an overload of sea bioresources. The head of group of public relations SPUBO yesterday has informed on it FSB of the Russian Federation Evgenie Lazarev. As he said, during operation “ the Typhoon - 2007 “ around cape of Halibuts the radar station of a post of technical supervision has found out an unknown vessel to which fishery vessels periodically approached. Having suspected an overload not considered moreproduktsii for illicit export to Japan, frontier guards have sent the patrol ship to area. “ captain Radchenko “ without answering inquiries, has disappeared in Japanese waters. Then frontier guards have contacted a Japanese coast guard and have asked to turn out infringers, as has made patrol ship Nemuro. From ulova “ captain Radchenko “ has had time to get rid, but it was possible to find out traces of transportation of a sea hedgehog, mister Lazarev has informed.
RIA “ News “

  Ecology “ the Phoenix “ has paid dinners leopardovprirodoohrannyj fund “ the Phoenix “ (Primorski Territory) has concluded the contract with farmer Open Company “ Park of Dins “ on which undertakes to do charitable payments in a case when deer and other pets belonging to farmers, perish from attacks of Far East leopards. The director of fund Sergey Bereznjuk yesterday has informed on it. The ecologists who have solved thus to prevent shooting krasnoknizhnyh cat`s, which in Russian Federation became initiators of indemnifications remains about 30 individuals. As have confirmed in Open Company “ Park of Dins “ for each deer who has been filled up in December, 2006, farmers have received on 10 thousand rbl., and for each ram - 6,6 thousand rbl. As has informed the associate director “ the Phoenix “ on public relations Irina Radchenko, has fixed the facts of attacks Hasansky group spetsinspektsii “ Tiger “. The size of indemnification “ the Phoenix “ establishes itself depending on financial possibilities. “ during action of the compensatory program which also extends on tigers, in 1999-2006 the fund has paid hasanskim to leopards the following menu - 42 deer, five horses, two cows, two sheep and five rabbits “ - madam Radchenko has informed. Means for these purposes to fund, as she said, are given by organisation Tigris Foundation (Netherlands) which accumulates private donations on nature protection programs of inhabitants of the West European countries.
Ernest Filippovsky

  The nuclear industry Russia has suggested IAEA to observe for nuclear tsentromfederalnoe agency on atomic energy (Rosatom) together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation have directed to the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA) the note about readiness to transfer under its control the international centre on uranium enrichment (MTSOU), created on the basis of FGUP “ Angarsk elektroliznyj chemical industrial complex “ (AEHK). It in Angarsk was declared yesterday by the director of department of an information policy of the company “ tehsnabeksport “ (supervises creation MTSOU) Dmitry Evstafev. He has noticed that after consideration of the statement of IAEA should define the control form over activity MTSOU. In March in Angarsk will pass a seminar devoted to the same theme which will be spent zamglavy Rosatom by Nikolay Spassky. “ IAEA Control at all does not mean that on AEHK and to Angarsk crowds of foreign inspectors will go. It can be and the monitoring system by means of video equipment, and control of documents “ - has noted g - n Evstafev. He has informed that “ the centre will be legally issued in 2007 “. This year it will be created “ not numerous administrative structure “. The Permanent job of the centre and creation of own industrial base, by words g - on Evstafeva, “ business of more remote prospect “.
Yury Yudin, Irkutsk

  Yury Chajka has suggested to use Visit small aviatsijuvchera during meeting in Irkutsk the general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Chajka has summed up department work in the Siberian federal district last year. As he said, during supervising actions by public prosecutors of district last year it is restored on the account of 34 thousand crimes. Under requirements of public prosecutors are involved in a disciplinary responsibility of 5,5 thousand the persons working in law enforcement bodies. Thus public prosecutors have directed criminal cases to court concerning 182 police officers, including in the Irkutsk region - 42. Special concern at g - on the Seagull was caused by illegal deforestation in the Irkutsk region. Under its data, about 40 % of wood in Angarski Krai it is prepared without allowing documents. The damage from the given activity in 2006 has made 1,45 mlrd rbl. G - n the Seagull has suggested to create in militia special divisions which will watch deforestation by means of small aircraft. The public prosecutor of the Russian Federation also has urged colleagues to struggle more actively with ecological crimes which in the Irkutsk region last year was 5 thousand “ Under the threat there is lake Baikal. I pay your attention to a wildlife management question by working out of the Kovyktinsky deposit “ - has noted g - n the Seagull.
Yury Yudin, Irkutsk