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  Oil extracting “ Tatneft “ has increased extraction on 1,6%ΞΐΞ “ Tatneft “ in January - February, 2007 has extracted 4,197 million t oil that on 1,6 % exceeds an indicator of the similar period of 2006, has informed a press - company service. Including in territory of Tatarstan it is extracted 4,161 million t oil (growth on 1,6 %). In particular, in February “ Tatneft “ has extracted 2,002 million t (growth on 1,71 %), from them in Tatarstan - 1,985 million t (growth on 1,73 %). For two months of current year it is drilled 133 thousand running metres (the plan on prohodke is exceeded on 2,9 %), including for own needs of the company - 85 thousand in m (on 2,2 % more planned). The company in January - February has constructed and has handed over 78 chinks, including for own needs - 39 chinks (plan excess has made 5,4 %).
“ Interfax - the Volga region “

  The retail Volume farmrynka Tatarstan has reached 9 mlrd rublejzamestitel the Minister of Health of RT Farida Jarkaeva yesterday has informed that the volume of the pharmaceutical market of republic has grown on 36 % in comparison with 2005 and has reached 8,76 mlrd rbl. - 2,6 % from volume Russian farmrynka. In republic in 2006 the quantity of wholesale structures practically remains at level of 2005 and has made 69 enterprises (in 2005 - 70). Medicinal maintenance in retail sector of republic is carried out by 1188 pharmaceutical institutions that on 11 % above indicators of 2005. Growth of quantity of pharmaceutical institutions has occurred at the expense of opening of new chemist`s networks, basically drugstores of not state pattern of ownership, such as Open Company “ the Drugstore “Be healthy“ “ (Udmurtiya), Open Company “ the Healthy family “. And at the expense of increase in quantity of retail points of retail networks already working in republic “ 36,6 “ (state of emergency Urazmanov), Open Company “ the Unit “ - Drugstores “ 36,6 “ (Moscow), Open Company “ the Kazan drugstores “ Open Company “ Riviera “ Open Company “ the Doctor “ Open Company “ the Oriental cherry - pharmacy “. The share melkoroznichnoj networks in total of pharmaceutical institutions has decreased from 59 % in 2005 to 56 % in 2006. Has decreased in comparison with 2005 on 5 % and a network of the state pharmaceutical institutions.

  Ecology the Consequence has found out two chlorine guilty of emission on “ himprome “ the Office of Public Prosecutor of Chuvashiya has directed to court criminal case concerning two employees of the enterprise “ himprom “ (Novocheboksarsk) which are accused of the breakdown of service of the equipment which has entailed environmental contamination. As has informed a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of republic, to the foreman of Open Society “ himprom “ to Edward Vladimirovu and and. An island of the master of change of shop accusation under the item is brought to Yury Ivanov 251 criminal codes of Russian Federation (“ atmosphere Pollution “) . As wrote „“ on August, 29th, 2006, on August, 27th, 2006 on “ himprome “ there was a chlorine emission in atmosphere therefore have suffered more than ten person. The consequence believes that Edward Vladimirov and Yury Ivanov have admitted equipment breakdown of service. In particular, Edward Vladimirov in due time has not revealed corrosion destruction of a coil of the evaporator. As a result from - for corrosion there was a depressurization of a coil of the evaporator and, as consequence, chlorine emission. Thus Edward Vladimirov has reported on readiness of the scheme of evaporation for start-up, and after renewal of technological process gaseous chlorine again began to arrive in the evaporator that has led to repeated emission of chlorine in atmosphere, is explained in the message. To Yury Ivanov that, having received the information on excess is charged is limiting - admissible concentration of chlorine around evaporators, it instead of a stop of the scheme of evaporation has put the evaporator into operation. “ Understanding that start-up in work of such evaporator can lead to an emergency, Yury Ivanov has concerned it is indifferent “ - the Office of Public Prosecutor marks. Accused, according to the message, wine recognised completely.
“ Interfax - the Volga region “