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Telecinema for a week

Event of week - the Head about a wall (Head - On, 2003), a film, brought to the young German director of a Turkish origin of Fatihu Akinu the Golden Bear the main prize of the Berlin film festival (on March, 15th, Russia, 0. 50 *****). the Film so is convincing, what even critics who eternally sneer at political correctness, should recognise: neither the exotic origin of the director, nor desire to encourage German cinema reviving after hibernation have not played a main role in triumph of a film. Heroes get acquainted in a mental hospital where get after the next suicidal attempt. He is a widower, the drunk, the cleaner in night club. She is the young Turkish woman dreaming of fictitious marriage which will allow to escape from a captivity of a family and to lead the life. Despite a gloomy beginning and marginalnost heroes, the Head about a wall at all Seamy side . And though marriage of heroes is really fictitious, and between them business will reach sex only in the ending after set of tests, it is a ballad about great and mad love. Love so absolute that the hero kills, let and accidentally, the drunkard laughing at libertinism of the heroine. And it, having returned to Istanbul, searches for death by hand local shpany, beating it within an inch of the life. The surroundings is especially realistic, but Akin discharges it, gives to a life fantastic, theatrical measurement almost banal, but trouble-free way. Action alternates very much Turkish inserts: against Istanbul, on the bank of passage the heroine, to the accompaniment of a national orchestra, sings heart-breaking songs about love, in which as in any sincere kitsch, really there is any eternal truth of feelings. But to Timu Barton, the main visionary of modern cinema, in to Large fish (Big Fish, 2004) did not manage to avoid sentimentality of the worst sense (on March, 9th, the First channel 23. 50 ***). all boundless imagination of the director is subordinated unpretentious thought that it is necessary to be good to people: this true to spectators get into the head literally. However, if to clean an instructive framework of action, it is possible to receive sincere pleasure from fables about the life which tells to the son, jappi and to the sceptic, Edward Blum living the last days. And it has jumped out of a parent bosom independently. Also has rescued small town from a giant, terrorising to district. Also has visited small town Dream where time has stopped, and the grass is so gentle that inhabitants go on it exclusively barefoot, having hanged out as superfluous boots on strings. And, having got on the Korean war, has taken out from deep communistic back of Siamese sisters, sladkogolosyh platform stars. Also has seen in a pupil of the old hag the death. Also has worked in the circus which owner has appeared dear wolf - the werewolf. Blum - some kind of Ed Wood, Barton`s other favourite hero, the worst director of all times and the people embodying in films 1950 - h years so insipid and bewitching imaginations. A trouble that requital for good deeds in to Large fish has quite material character. The fairy tale periodically turns around the accounting sheet. The poet written only one line and unsuccessfully testing in a field of a robbery of banks, becomes the successful exchange player by council Bluma. Siamese pevichki receive the favourable contract. And even Mechta Blum small town rescues, in time having bought it. 12 - the summer hero the Argentina tango (Tango argentine, 1992) live Yugoslavian classic Goran Paskalevicha reminds son Bluma (on March, 11th, Culture 23. 55 ****). his mother is absorbed by itself. The father, the musician playing weddings, makes unrealizable plans. And he is a pragmatist, planning to get the automatic machine for manufacturing popkorna and a racing track. But this capitalist from young, yes early, makes real good deeds, returning thirst of life to three old men of whom cares, including staying in oblivion there is well-known executor of a tango. Paskalevich - the director furious, temperamental, he has managed to tell the story simply obliging to sljunjam and to snivels, is courageous and without false pathos. The most ridiculous film of week - Monkey`s tricks (Monkey Buisness, 1952) the master of classical Hollywood Hovarda Hawkes, burlesk, hazardously played Keri the Grant, Merilin of Monroe and Dzhindzher Rogers (on March, 14th, the First channel 0. 30 ****). Obezjanka from laboratory, casually having merged any chemicals, makes a cocktail, having drunk which absent-minded scientist becomes young soul and improbably impudent. In the most hilarious episode his wife, having found out in matrimonial bed of neighbour`s child who has casually crept there, is horrified, having decided that the husband has looked younger too considerably.