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Vladivostok has met the mayor arrest

Office of Public Prosecutor the Office of Public Prosecutor of Primorski Territory investigates cases of the Vladivostok officials
Yesterday has reported about fight against corruption and abusings in the mayoralty of Vladivostok. As Irina Nomokonova has informed the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Primorski Territory, criminal cases concerning a number of officials of administration of Vladivostok recently are raised. So, by city Office of Public Prosecutor it is raised and the criminal case raised upon plunder in 2005 of municipal money resources in especially large size from accounts of administration of Vladivostok is investigated. On versions of the investigation, plunder of money resources it is made by a group of persons from among employees of management of the maintenance of available housing and city territories, including vitse - mayor Alan Budaevym and the deputy chief of department Oksana Panfilovoj. Them accuse in the Swindle made by organised group in especially large size . Officials made out false contracts of a cedation of the requirement of accounts payable of a city administration of Vladivostok and overtook the large sums of money through false firms - has noted Nomokonova. Criminal case in the relation vitse - mayor Igor Golubeva whom accuse of no-purpose use of budgetary funds is investigated also. The official from city budget has illegally listed 20 million rbl. for the organisation of preparation and command participation on a speedway the East in the championship of Russia of 2005. The Frunze court of Vladivostok considers criminal case concerning six members of the organised criminal group, one of which heads was the director of municipal authority Agency on sale of the municipal earths and real estate Sergey Mardanshin. As believes the consequence, accused during the period from April till October, 2005 were engaged plunder by a deceit Money resources at tenants of municipal uninhabited premises - applicants for participation in auctions on sale of municipal real estate. They were offered to provide for monetary compensation the guaranteed victory in auction. Thus, it has been stolen more than 5 million rbl.