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Kingiseppsky have sentenced on all severity of a mode

Moscow City Court has announced a sentence to seven participants so-called kingiseppskoj groupings which jurymen recognised as guilty of five custom-made murders and one attempt. Being based on this verdict, the chairman has appointed the defendant from 15 till 19 years of a colony of a high security. It is most less - 13 years of imprisonment - killer Alexander Ivanov who was actively co-operating with the investigation has received.
sentence announcement has occupied no more than 40 minutes. It has been made on the basis of a verdict on which defendants Alexander and Andrey Ivanovs, Sergey Homutov, Yury Zjablov, Marseilles Garifullin, Igor Uldanov and Valentine Bar - Unsociable persons have been recognised by guilty of gangsterism, murders, storage of the weapon and ammunition. Thus jurymen have asked about indulgence only for defendant Garifullina that that voluntary left a gang and has refused murder fulfilment. But the main killer of grouping Alexander Ivanov who was actively co-operating with the investigation, according to members of board, did not deserve indulgence. Public prosecutors have decided to correct this injustice.

during discussion of results of a verdict they have asked to sentence the accused Ivanov to the least term - to 15 years of imprisonment. The rest state charge has requested more: from 16,5 till 20 years of a colony of a high security. Even otkaznik Marseilles Garifullin, according to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, has deserved 17 years of camps.

judge Dmitry Fomin before to announce imprisonment terms defendant, has short stopped on episodes of criminal activity kingiseppskoj groupings. The first murder in which participated Yury Zjablov, Sergey Homutov and Alexander Ivanov has occurred on January, 13th, 1994. Then Alexander Ivanov has shot the director for manufacture in Ufa Is new - the Ufa oil refining factory of Salavat Gajnanova. On December, 22nd, 1999 the same Alexander Ivanov and Valentine Bar - Unsociable persons have taken part in murder of the employee of firm Roneks Oleg Bulatova. However, not defendant Alexander Ivanov, and another " this time shot; regular the killer of a gang, the former officer - submariner Alexander Pumane who has died in September, 2004 after interrogation in militia. On April, 3rd, 2001 Alexander Pumane, Valentine Bar - Unsociable persons, Alexander Ivanov and Marseilles Garifullin have taken part in murder of the former chief accountant of the Bashkir petrochemical company of Valery Speransky. Shot, as well as earlier, Alexander Pumane, and Marseilles Garifullin podstrahovyval it with a knife on a case of refusal of a pistol. Gangsters have made the loudest crime in November, 2001. Then Alexander and Andrey Ivanovs, and also nowadays the late member of a gang - Arcady Semenov have stolen and have killed the chief accountant of Open Company Group ` Plaza ` Lyudmila Krasnoger, which corpse have filled in with concrete in a floor of one of garages. Last murder has occurred in Moscow on December, 11th, 2002 when Alexander Pumane has shot the chairman of the board of firm Naval Forces - Oktan Vasily Hitarishvili. In this crime participated also Valentine Bar - Unsociable persons, Marseilles Garifullin, Alexander and Andrey Ivanovs who tracked down a victim. Besides, in August, 2000 Alexander Pumane and Alexander Ivanov tried to eliminate also the shareholder of Joint-Stock Company the Company the DIGNITY Michael Orlova. But that remained is live, because at Alexander Pumane has jammed the weapon.

thus as witnesses of charge have shown, and among them there was also a former leader of a gang Sergey Finagin (its business is allocated in separate manufacture), at least two murders kingiseppskimi have been made in interests of the former senator from Bashkiria Igor Izmesteva: the employee of firm Roneks Oleg Bulatova and Galina Perepelkinoj`s notary (this episode is considered separately).

After that even minutes ten judge listed the weapon withdrawn from gangsters. At them were both Kalashnikov`s automatic machines and various types of pistols - a TT, Makarova, Stechkina and even system revolvers the Revolver the sample of 1895. Participants of group stored anti-tank and antipersonnel mines.

having noticed that all defendants were positively characterised in a work and residence place the court at the same time recognised that their correction is impossible without their conclusion in a high security colony. By partial addition of punishments the court has sentenced Andrey Ivanov and Valentine Bar - Birjukova to 19 years of imprisonment, Marseilles Garifullina and Sergey Homutova by 15 years, Yury Zjablova to 16 and Igor Uldanova to 14 years of imprisonment. Alexander Ivanov has received most less - 13 years. Lawyers and their clients remained are dissatisfied with a sentence. Especially Valentine Bar`s lawyer - Birjukova Boris Kozhemjakin was indignant.

- My client has killed nobody and even has refused commission of crime (participation in murder of mister Hitarishvili. - ), and has received for six years of more murderer Ivanov! - the lawyer has declared.