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Ramzan Kadyrov has surrounded itself with reliable people

the President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has begun formation of own vertical of the power. Yesterday he has informed that will offer on a post of prime minister Odesa Bajsultanova, and three more appointments - on posts of the mayor of Grozny, the secretary of security council and the chairman of the constitutional court have the day before taken place. All new naznachentsy - from the nearest environment of the president. Thus, mister Kadyrov has provided to itself absolute loyalty of heads of key structures of the power that in due time it was not possible to make even to his father Ahmatu Kadyrov.
the future prime minister is reputed as the skilled manager. Before appointment one year ago the first vitse - the prime minister (the government then Ramzan Kadyrov headed) mister Bajsultanov was engaged in a post of the president of republic operating affairs and as consider its colleagues, has managed to provide good functioning of authorities. And as the first vitse - prime minister Odes Bajsultanov, in particular, was engaged in restoration of the Chechen Republic. in a short space of time Bajsultanovu managed to solve the challenges connected with restoration of the vital objects for republic - mister Kadyrov has underlined, informing yesterday on the intention to bring a nominee of mister Bajsultanova in parliament for its statement as the prime minister.

among Ramzana Kadyrov`s possible successors on a post of the prime minister named also the assistant to the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Southern federal district (JUFO) Imrana Vagapova. But this nominee hardly could suit mister Kadyrov who has got used to implicit obedience of subordinates. Mister Vagapov, according to people knowing it, the person skilled, strong-willed and for a role of the nominal prime minister never would disagree. it, of course, would be the good tandem: the adult, skilled prime minister and the young president capable of courageous decisions. But then mister Kadyrov had to share the power - considers a source in the plenipotentiary representation device. Appointment of mister Vagapova, according to a source, could take place only on an insisting of the federal centre but then it would mean that the Kremlin wants to create a counterbalance to the omnipotent president.

other personnel shifts were not less significant also. On March, 7th the Chechen president has replaced the mayor of Grozny and has appointed the new secretary of Security Council. The post of the town governor has occupied former the first zamglavy the device of the president and the government, the leader of the Chechen branch Fair Russia Muslim Huchiev (a party post it has there and then conceded to the assistant to Ise Hadzhimuradovu). And the post of secretary SB which has remained vacant after scandalous leaving of the protege eks - president Alu Alhanova Herman Voka (wrote about it on February, 9th), has got vitse - to prime minister Halidu Vajhanovu. Both officials enter into the nearest environment of president Kadyrov.

At last, in the same holiday day the Chechen parliament has confirmed on a post of the chairman of the constitutional court of republic of the minister of work and sotsrazvitija Magomeda Vahaeva. What it will hold this key post, wrote in June, 2006. We will remind, then republic council (the parliament upper chamber) has rejected offered by president Alhanovym on this post Ahmed Elmurzaeva`s nominee. Nobody doubted that behind this decision there was prime minister Ramzan Kadyrov to whom the majority of deputies is loyal. After all in case of the statement the powerful lever of political influence with which help it could intercept the power at the prime minister appeared head KS of the person betrayed to the president in hands of Alu Alhanova. And then still it is not known, whether mister Alhanov has wanted to leave ahead of schedule a presidential post.

personnel shifts in the Chechen Republic will be continued. In Grozny say that mister Kadyrov intends to rejuvenate considerably the command (the majority of members of the government the posts have received at Ahmate Kadyrov and on age suit to the new president in fathers). Today new heads with new ideas are necessary to us. That also is Muslim Huchiev. It managed to involve nearby 1 mlrd roubles of investments into restoration of Grozny - mister Kadyrov has introduced the new mayor of Grozny. However another is more important: now the president of the Chechen Republic has absolutely loyal heads at the head of all key authorities - legislative (the parliament has sworn Ramzanu Kadyrov even before presidency), judicial and executive - in the name of the prime minister and the mayor of Grozny.

to cost to remind that it did not manage to achieve even to Ahmatu Kadyrov. In 2002 the wilful mayor of Grozny Bislan Gantamirov has practically deduced capital from submission of the head of the Chechen Republic, without having admitted to work of the heads of regional administrations of Grozny appointed mister Kadyrov. The conflict between heads of republic and a city has been settled after intervention of the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation of that time in JUFO Victor Kazantsev. Uneasy there were Kadyrov`s relations - the senior and with prime ministers. So, the former head of the Chechen government, and nowadays the deputy of the State Duma Michael Babich in 2003 in a pointed manner has not obeyed to will of the president of the Chechen Republic, having disagreed on appointment as the Minister of Finance kadyrovskogo protege Eli Isaeva. As a result mister Babich has worked on a post of the prime minister only four months.