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The third superfluous

in the Oryol region comes to the end Today propaganda during campaign for elections in a regional council, appointed to March, 11th. The debut " becomes the basic intrigue of voting; Fair Russia “ (SR) which, according to analysts, is capable to delay sympathies of a part of electorate “ an United Russia “ (ER) and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Not casually communists in a tactical alliance with United Russia party members tried to remove eserov from pre-election race. In forthcoming elections will take part partspiski “ an United Russia “ SR, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, “ National will “ Union of Right Forces, Dempartii, LDPR and “ Patriots of Russia “. During consideration of demands the regional election committee has refused registration “ jablochnikam “ having referred to high percent of void signatures of voters. Party members, in turn, have not undertaken serious attempts to restore the list, naming participation “ the Apple “ in elections technical from - for “ Illusive chances of success “. To pass in a regional council, it is necessary for participants of campaign to type more than 7 % of votes.

Partspisok ER were headed by governor Egor Stroev, the second line was occupied with the leader regional partjachejki ER and the first vitse - governor Pavel Merkulov. At the head of the list eserov - head “ Oreloblgaza “ Michael Mezhnev Na the second place - Marina Ivashina, the head Oryol partjachejki COMPARE In elections two take part “ a steam locomotive “ - vitse - the speaker of the State Duma and the chairman “ National will “ Sergey Baburin heading the list narodovoltsev, and the leader of Union of Right Forces Nikita Belyh, the first number of the right. Despite expected occurrence at the head of the communistic list of party leader Gennady Zyuganov, it was headed by the first secretary obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vladimir Hahichev.

January meeting of opposition on which pensioner Peter Gagarin named governor Egor Stroev " became One of the loudest scandals of campaign; padloj “ and “ rubbish “ also has asked at gathered permissions “ to execute “ head of area. The mister Stroev has sent the letter to regional election committee in which named statements of the pensioner offending its honour and advantage and “ containing life threat “. He has demanded “ to give a situation assessment “ and “ to apply strict measures “ to local communists who, according to mister Stroev, have acted as organizers of the action. In the answer obkom the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has extended the statement in which denied the participation in the action organisation. The regional election committee has transferred the reference of the governor in regional Office of Public Prosecutor which has filed criminal charges against Peter Gagarin.

the basic intrigue of elections - a debut “ actual left “ Capable, according to analysts to delay voices both at the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and at ER. Communists tried to discharge SR of participation in pre-election race twice. In February the first secretary obkoma the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vladimir Hahichev has addressed in regional court with the requirement to remove SR from elections as Michael Mezhnev at the moment of registration partspiska eserov was a member “ an United Russia “. In acknowledgement communists resulted the documents received at the head of executive committee ER of Victor Motornogo. However, they have not convinced court. Esery have furnished that proof that mister Mezhnev is excluded from “ an United Russia “.

In the beginning of March representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have made the second attempt to remove partspisok SR from pre-election race - on the basis of infringements in regional conference eserov, taken place in December of the past year. According to communists, promotion of delegates from pervichek SR passed without carrying out local partmeroprijaty. However, indications of witnesses of charge were, as was told on court, “ putany, are confused and are frequently erroneous “. Some of them have declared that give evidences “ at the desire of members of “United Russia“ “. As a result the regional court has again sided spravedlivorossov.

Interaction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and ER has allowed the leader regional partjachejki SR to Marina Ivashinoj to declare arrangement of two parties on purpose to discharge of elections of the strong opponent. “ it is more favourable to communists and United Russia party members to compete to traditional and system opponents with whom they are for each other, - Oksana Goncharenko has noted an analyst of the Center of a political conjuncture, - as in that case they garantirovanno collect the necessary quantity of votes. And occurrence on a political field of the new “party in power“ using patriotic rhetoric, pulls down a traditional design. Therefore the tactical alliance of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and ER was quite logical “.

In opinion zamrukovoditelja Fund of the centre of political technologies of Sergey Mikheyev, the regional authorities consider SR “ the competitor number one “ as Marina Ivashina is in opposition to regional administration and through the newspaper under control to it “ the Oryol news “ some years rigidly criticise governor Stroev. “ unlike federal partrukovodstva ER and SR which perceives elections on March, 11th as showdown on the eve of the state Duma election campaign, regional officials see in spravedlivorossah direct threat of the power “ - mister Mikheyev has noted.

known Oryol legal expert Dmitry Krajuhin is assured that for the account “ the most powerful administrative resource in rural areas “ pobeditem on elections it will appear “ an United Russia “. However, in its opinion to receive the qualified majority in regional Legislative Assembly to United Russia party members the mayor of the Eagle close to communists Alexander Kasyanov can prevent. Most likely, it will block use of an administrative resource in a city. For the second and third place, according to mister Krajuhina, poborjatsja communists and esery. The analyst has assumed that small chances to break a seven-percentage barrier have the liberal - democrats - if they, of course, manage to involve in region of sympathy of a part “ huge protest electorate “.

Vsevolod Injutin