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The program of protection of the perjurer

US president George Bush has expressed a regret in connection with the accusatory verdict which has been taken out on Tuesday by a jury eks - the head of administration of the vice-president of the USA Lewis Libbi. Sympathetic reaction of the president possessing the right of pardon, means that the decision of jurymen does not become a point in business of Libbi. Not clear there is also a destiny of vice-president Chejni round which struggle between administration of the USA and its opponents now will be developed. After Lewis Libbi`s condemnation democrats intend to achieve Richard Chejni`s leaving.
the Consequence is finished, do not forget
the Verdict of 11 jurymen which have been taken out on Tuesday on process over the former high-ranking member of presidential administration by Lewis Libbi, known in the White house by a nickname the Scooter for anybody in Washington did not become unexpectedness. Both charge, and protection understood that for the justification of mister Libbi accused at once under five articles, including in disclosure of state secret and false witness, jurymen hardly will have bases. Therefore by day of announcement of a verdict each of the parties was already ready to the further struggle.

on termination of hearings proceeding about one month in which course on court numerous witnesses, including operating and former officials of the White house and known American journalists have acted, jurymen recognised Lewis Libbi guilty on four of five articles of charges. However, which will be punishment of mister Libbi, the court declares only on June, 5th. Potentially it is threatened with 25 years of imprisonment, however observers do not doubt Washington that punishment will be much softer. However, the question on term of condemnation of Lewis Libbi is of secondary importance for charge first of all it was important to them to achieve a moral victory over mister Libbi and Bush`s president`s team.

the comment spetsprokurora Patrick Fitzgerald, sounded after announcement of a verdict of jurymen, has confirmed that for charge it was important to open system problems of a present command of the White house. very sadly that there was a situation when the high-ranking official from administration of the vice-president interfered with justice and lay under the oath - mister Fitzgerald has declared. Spetsprokuror Fitzgerald whom more than three years investigated case about disclosure of a name of the agent of CIA Valeri Plejm, has informed that considers the work finished.

meanwhile, Lewis Libbi`s protection has already informed on intention to achieve reconsideration of the case and carrying out of new process. Lawyers of the Scooter carry actions of public prosecutor Fitzgerald which, in their opinion, tried to influence jurymen to the remedial infringements admitted during court, showing them articles having tendentious character about accused Libbi from the American mass-media. To one more zatsepkoj for protection was that during process the court has not considered it necessary to hear reporters of broadcasting company NBC of Tima Russell and Andreu Mitchell. Meanwhile protection insists that occurrence of these witnesses at judicial hearings could change the picture which has developed at jurymen of how has been declassified agent Plejm and what role in it Lewis Libbi has played personally.

Thus, the verdict of jurymen became only intermediate finish of process, and to a final point in distressful business of Libbi is still far.

to Pardon it is impossible to execute
that the intrigue has put Libbi all twists more strongly, has confirmed also the statement of US president George Bush which reaction to a verdict of jurymen has not kept itself waiting long. As well as spetsprokuror Fitzgerald, the president Bush has declared that to it it was sad to learn about Skuteru Libbi accusatory verdict. At the same time, as appears from the comment, which head of the White house has given on Wednesday to Spanish-speaking TV channel CNN, this feeling has arisen at mister Bush absolutely for other reason. in the personal plan to me it was sad. It was a pity to me of the person who worked in my administration, and it was especially a pity his family - George Bush has declared, having let know that takes a liking to the disgraced member of the command who have worked in it since 2001 till October 2005 - go.

Meanwhile the sympathy shown by head of the White house to Lewis Libbi, has begun debate about, whether the president will use the veto given to it by article 2 of the constitution of the USA, and if yes when it will occur. As the official representative of the White house Tony Snow, " has reminded; there is a certain procedure which extends on each citizen of the United States . Thereby mister Snow has let know that the administration of the White house basically is ready to throw a life buoy to Lewis Libbi, however to name any terms considers premature.

during the presidency George Bush has already pardoned 113 persons. At the same time, dealing Lewis Libbi`s serious political underlying reason is a special case. Obviously sympathising with the colleague, the president thus should give to itself of the report that fast pardon will give one more trump to its political opponents who will immediately use this step to struggle against presidential administration. It is remarkable that after the announcement of a verdict of jurymen leaders of democrats have strengthened pressure upon the president, demanding from it not to use the powers to help Lewis Libbi to avoid responsibility.

thus, the president Bush is in a difficult situation and forgive the Scooter lost-free for the political image it cannot. Therefore only the few consider that the former official of presidential administration will forgive this year. The majority of observers agree in opinion that Lewis Libbi`s pardon most possibly by the end of presidential term of George Bush, that is not earlier than 2008. Most optimum for head of the White house a variant experts name the scenario if procedure of consideration of the application on pardon does not come to the end and till the end of 2008 when in the USA will take place new presidential election. This technical pause will allow George Bush to save the face and thus will reduce to a minimum of a consequence of business of Libbi.

Hands off Chejni!
It is remarkable that, achieving Lewis Libbi`s punishment, in this game of politics democrats consider as the main prize a head the vice-president. During process over its former subordinate Richard Chejni in every possible way co-operated with the investigation and even expressed readiness if it is required, to act on court as the witness (to its hearings, however, and have not invited). Nevertheless, to leave from serious problems to it it was possible: Now, when Lewis Libbi`s fault is proved, democrats intend to double efforts to send in resignation of the extremely unpopular in their circles of the second person in administration.

understanding that vice-president Chejni becomes the main figure under fight round which opposition of two camps now will be developed, the White house has unambiguously let know yesterday that will defend it up to the end. That Richard Chejni does not become for democrats an easy mark, the official representative of the White house has warned yesterday Snow`s Tone. if someone thinks that the role of the vice-president becomes now insignificant, he is mistaken. The vice-president on - former remains the checked up colleague of the president against whom he will be and to lean further - has declared Tony Snow.

Trying to play on an advancing, last days Bush`s administration has developed is unprecedented active campaign in protection of the vice-president which pathos can be defined as Hands off Chejni! . Removal of a verdict to Lewis Libbi has coincided with end of tour of Richard Chejni on the countries Asian - the Pacific region which main points were the Iranian nuclear crisis, and also a situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the White house have considered results of this trip extraordinary successful. After that Richard Chejni has been invited as the lecturer to conference of active workers of Republican Party where him met as the hero, having arranged it an ovation.

thus to say that after removal of a verdict to Lewis Libbi game in Washington will go in one collar while it is premature. And now much in destiny eks - heads of administration of the vice-president of the USA Lewis Libbi and its powerful boss Richard Chejni will depend on other factors, such, as a situation round Iraq and Iran. Finally it also will define, in what degree George Bush will keep ability to hold blow of the gone over to the offensive opponents and to protect from them the guards.