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The Saratov mass-media have brought to court

Businessman Guladi Pipija 2 million roubles of compensation of moral harm demands from four Saratov editions in total. Lawyers of the businessman consider that they in 18 publications had been spread obviously false informations on participation of mister Pipija to illegal capture of the Saratov enterprises and their deliberate finishing to bankruptcy, and also on rendering of the financial help by it “ to Saakashvili`s Antirussian mode “. Editors-in-chief of six regional mass-media in the letter to the President of the Russian Federation have paid its attention on “ scandalous episodes in corruption sphere “ in the region, connected with activity of the Georgian businessman. eks - the president of the Saratov football club “ the Falcon “ Businessman Guladi (Novel) of Pipija, has directed to Presnensky court of Moscow the claim with the requirement to recognise not representing the facts and discrediting its honour and the advantage of data extended by a number of the Saratov newspapers. In capital court the businessman has addressed, as one of newspapers spreading these informations - " there is registered; the Moscow Member of the Komsomol “ in Saratov “. Except it to this number have got “ New times “ “ the Saratov sight “ and magazine “ Public opinion “ in each of which mister Pipija intends to publish oproverzhe - nie and to collect on 500 thousand roubles on account of compensation of moral harm. As the basis for the claim, according to the lawyer Evgenii Musinoj, have served 18 articles published in the Saratov mass-media in the last two days. In particular, in two articles under a heading “ the Pirate of the vodka seas “ (the newspaper “ the Saratov sight “ August, 2006, - „“) was a question about “ disorder “ mister Pipija of Open Society “ the Bread-baking complex “ and also about evasion of Open Society headed by the businessman “ Liksar “ from payment of taxes “ by means of reception of tax privileges and transfer of tax payments through problem banks “. In one article “ the Saratov sight “ “ the Georgian emissary “ left in October, 2006, it was told that the food fund of the Saratov region ostensibly from giving of Guladi Pipija has got to Georgia. In other material “ body Carrying out “ published in 2006 in magazine June issue “ Public opinion “ it was a question of compulsion by mister Pipija of councillors of directors of Open Society “ Balakovsky port “ to sale to it of a controlling interest at the price, below the market.
“ False publications of offensive character appeared in these mass-media with a known constancy, almost weekly, - has specified „“ Musin`s lawyer. - frequently in all newspapers the same facts " were used;. According to the lawyer, it testifies “ about arrangement of heads of four mass-media on purpose to discredit Guladi Pipija “. Thus Musin`s madam has underlined that by power structures of area of any criminal cases concerning its client was never raised, “ Guladi Pipija even on interrogation never caused “. Musin`s lawyer has resulted one more proof of non-participation of the client to “ to a crime of which he is accused by journalists “. It has reminded that the cassation instance of Federal arbitration court in Kazan has cancelled the decision of the Saratov arbitration on Open Society returning “ Balakovsky port “ Ostensibly illegally sold the companies, at that time affilirovannoj to mister Pipija, its former owner - Open Society “ the Saratov river transport agency “.
Guladi Pipija in 90 - h headed years Saratov likerovodochnyj factory “ Liksar “ the company “ Grain of the Volga region “ held a post of the president of football club “ the Falcon “. Affilirovannymi to it the enterprises today are “ the Saratov industrial complex of bakeries “ Open Society “ Saratovmuka “ “ Kalininsky elevator “ the company “ Grain of the Volga region “ “ Balma “ and also bank “ Agrodews “. According to the newspaper “Dzhordzhian the Time” sostoajanie makes $500 million the Editor-in-chief of magazine “ Public opinion “ and newspapers “ New times “ (Publishers - private persons, - „“) Alexey Kolobrodov has declared „“ that in publications of its editions are absent “ obviously false data “ concerning activity of mister Pipija. On “ scandalous episodes in corruption sphere of the Saratov region “ Guladi Pipija connected with activity, mister Kolobrodov and five its colleagues - editors-in-chief of the Saratov mass-media, in the letter have paid attention of Vladimir Putin. In October they already sent the similar letter to the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Gennady Ustinovu, but it remains without the answer. “ mister Pipija has decided to be rehabilitated, - Alexey Kolobrodov believes. - We will tell, how it, using corruption schemes, “ getting fat “ on budget money, became one of the richest people of Georgia “.
Tatyana Nikitin, Saratov