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  Supervision From deputies Volgograd gordumyotbirajut Russian flagprokuratura the Volgograd region has demanded to remove from breastplates of deputies of a local thought the image of the Russian flag, have informed in area Office of Public Prosecutor. the Office of Public Prosecutor has protested the regional Duma decision according to which a breastplate of deputies represents the stylised image of National flag of Russia. The basis of a breastplate of the deputy is made of an aluminium alloy. The sign surface is covered by enamels of three colours: the top third - white, an average third - dark blue, the bottom third - red - the representative of department has told. The Office of Public Prosecutor has seen in it infringement of norms of the federal constitutional law from January, 25th, 2000 About National flag of the Russian Federation . According to article 9 of this law, the image of the Russian flag is supposed as an element or a heraldic basis only on state awards of Russia, and also on heraldic signs - emblems and flags of federal enforcement authorities. the Volgograd regional thought does not concern enforcement authorities, it is authority of the subject of the Russian Federation - have explained in Office of Public Prosecutor. Besides, the local law About the arms and a flag of the Volgograd region has established the description of a flag of area which differs from the Russian flag. thus given law allows to use the image of a flag of area on breast badges of deputies of the Volgograd thought - have noted in Office of Public Prosecutor. we have demanded in the protest to consider the problem on breastplates of deputies at the nearest session of a thought and to result the documents regulating the image of a breastplate, according to the law - the interlocutor has added.
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  Auction On the Marksovsky deposit at applicants has not sufficed denegauktsion on the right of use of a deposit uglevodo - native raw materials of the Marksovsky site of the Saratov region which should pass in Moscow on March, 6th, has not taken place. For participation in auction 10 demands have been submitted, and to procedure five participants have been admitted all. But also these enterprises could not provide necessary starting payment - 110 million rbl. on this deposit will pass the Repeated auctions in next year.
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  the Mortgage the Volgograd region types rates mortgage kreditovanijaza two months 2007 the Volgograd regional fund of habitation and a mortgage is given out loans and refinansirovano credits of banks for the sum of 113 million rbl., have informed in region administration. Possibility to improve the living conditions was received this year in the Volgograd region by 159 families. Last year for their same period was 53, and the sum of the given out credits - almost in 4 times is less. In 2006 the volume of housing credits has made 2,9 mlrd rbl., including refinansirovannyh mortgage - more than 12 mlrd rbl. Whereas on conditions of the agreement concluded by the Volgograd region with the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation within the limits of the priority national project Accessible and comfortable habitation - to citizens of Russia they were provided at a rate of 526,7 million rbl. According to this document in 2007 area should give out mortgage loans for a total sum of 736,4 million rbl. But if taken from the beginning of year rates remain, the region once again will manage to be ahead of schedule, consider in administration of the Volgograd region. As have informed in regional administration, the mite in the decision of housing problems during the current year will be brought also by the regional budget. In 2007 from it for young families preferential housing loans will be allocated for a total sum of 20 million rbl.
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