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HKF - the bank has increased a portfolio of non-returns

On Wednesday Houm the credit end Finans bank has published the financial reporting for 2006 on MSFO. From it it is visible that bank management did not manage to lower high level of the delayed debts. Analysts name this problem system for all market the express train - crediting, considering that the situation becomes critical through three - four years. However this term can essentially be reduced with realisation of last initiatives of Bank of Russia and Rospotrebnadzora on struggle against the latent commissions in banks.
following the results of last year net profit HKF - bank has made 699 million rbl., having increased in comparison with 309 million rbl. in 2005 by 127 %. Thus, the bank has a little corrected a situation in comparison with 2005 when has shown in the reporting profit decrease in comparison with 2004 on 24 %. However completely to solve problems to management it was not possible. In 2006 rates of a gain of a credit portfolio of bank have considerably decreased. The annual gain has made only 24 % against 40 % in 2005. And level of the delayed debts was not reduced, having fixed on a mark in 14 %.

Analysts ascertain that the diversification of a portfolio spent by bank on purpose to lower risks of non-returns and to reduce a share of bad debts it, has not given expected results. despite undertaken by management of bank of action, delay level in 2006 essentially has not changed, - the analyst of MDM - bank Michael Galkin speaks. - if to look at dynamics of volume of unsettled debts of bank, we will receive the following number: 14 % following the results of 2005, an order of 16 % following the results of the first half of the year 2006 and 14,2 % following the results of 2006. Thus visual improvement in the fourth quarter 2006 can be deceptive as during this period great volume of credits repayment terms on which for accounting date have not come yet " traditionally stands out;.

And separate experts and at all believe that the diversification of a portfolio at the expense of decrease in a share the express train - credits in trading networks and sharp increase in shares of card credits, contrary to expectations of management of bank, only will increase risks of a non-return further. replacement the express train - credits in a portfolio of bank credit cards does not reduce risks of a non-return, and, on the contrary, them increases, - general director TSEA ` believes Interfax ` Michael Matovnikov. - the Express train - credits are used at once, therefore risks on them are predicted, the borrower can use a credit card in half a year after its delivery, therefore at sharp increase in a portfolio of credit cards there is a chance of growth of level of risks on such products .

Simultaneously the situation in HKF - bank is aggravated with low rates of increase of business of bank against which the delay share tends to increase. low rates of increase of business - the basic problem of the bank, 24 % of a gain of a portfolio shown to it - more low srednerynochnyh results - the analyst of bank " speaks; the Trust Alexey Demkin. In a press - service most Houm the credit end Finans of bank from comments have refrained.

thus analysts specify that the problem of decrease in rates of a gain of portfolios of banks on the express train - to credits at simultaneous increase in level of delay has system character and is fraught with growth of risks in this segment of consumer crediting further. in the market there is an accurate tendency of growth of delay at simultaneous decrease in rates of increase of portfolios, - mister Matovnikov explains. - It also will stop only with bankruptcy of some banks or occurrence at them the vital issues, similar themes that were at HKF - bank in 2005. Only then banks will reduce aggressive approach to the market and this segment will occupy share objectively appropriate to it. That is the problem should ripen .

As shows the western experiment, the average period maturing problems - ten years. That is to critical age the express train - crediting remains to the Russian market three - four years. However last initiatives of regulators of the financial market can reduce and these terms. Actions of Bank of Russia and Rospotrebnadzora directed on disclosing by banks of the effective rate and struggle against the latent bank commissions, on the forecast of experts, can push the market the express train - crediting to crisis. Such pressure of regulators will lead to decrease in a margin of banks that does not allow to hope for improvement of financial results further - Michael Galkin has explained.