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The State Duma have lowered on dogs

the Most demanded aggressive breed since December, 27th, 2000 is labrador. then the dog of this breed on a nickname Horses to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin was presented by the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu. Labradory is at Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, the governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentina Matvienko, the head of Rosatom Sergey Kirienko, the governor of the Tver region Dmitry Zelenin, the chairman of the commission on pardon at Anatoly Pristavkina`s president.
sheep-dogs use Special popularity also. German shepherds are at the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Fradkov, the governor of the Kaliningrad region George Boos, deputies of the State Duma Nikolay Ryzhkova and Tatyana Jakovlevoj, senator Vladimir Solomonova, the party leader “ the Apple “ Grigory Javlinsky, the director of Institute of a transitional economy Egor Gaydar. the Bern sheep-dog (Bern zenenhaund) owns the first vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Oleg Morozov. At the president of the Chechen Republic Ramzana Kadyrov some the Caucasian sheep-dogs, one of which is the champion of the North Caucasus of 2006. the chairman of the board of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ Anatoly Chubays and the deputy of the State Duma Gennady Rajkov own the Central Asian sheep-dogs (Turkmen alabaj).

Owners Rottweilers are the assistant to the president Sergey Yastrzhembsky, vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, the deputy of the State Duma Igor Lebedev (also he owns also a German shepherd), the Novgorod governor Michael Prusak. Dobermann terriers deputies of the State Duma Alexander Tjagunov and Oleg Kulikov own .

a Number of politicians possess at once several aggressive dogs. At vitse - speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky there is an English bulldog, a fox terrier and a Rottweiler, at the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov - a mittelschnauzer and husky , at Krasnoyarsk governor Alexander Hloponina - the Swiss sheep-dog and husky , at deputy Gennady Gudkova - a German shepherd and njufaundlend. Eks - the prime minister Michael Kasyanov owns a dalmatian , and Minister of Education Andrey Fursenko - a terrier.