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To Adygea have promised to increase the Resource

Agroholding the Resource within a year plans to invest in development of manufacture of fowl in Adygea about 420 million roubles. The holding investment program assumes modernisation Adygea kombikormovogo factory, and also increase in capacity located in republic brojlernyh platforms to 24 thousand tons of fowl a year. Plans of expansion of business in the south of Russia also are declared by the basic competitors the Resource - Optifud and the Stavropol broiler . Participants of the market notice that the increased investment activity of leading players will lead to the extremely rigid competition between them in territory JUFO already in the nearest year - two.
details of the investment program the Resource Became known following the results of negotiations passing one of these days in Maikop between the chairman of board of directors of agroholding Victor Nauruzovym and the president of Adygea Aslancheriem Thakushinovym. The director for the corporate policy the Resource Oksana Kritikova has told that during a meeting has been declared plans of agroholding till the end of 2007 to enclose in poultry farming development in Adygea of 420 million roubles. In particular, about 200 million roubles it will be directed on modernisation belonging to holding Adygea kombikormovogo the factory which capacity is planned to finish to 240 thousand tons of production a year (today - about 180 thousand tons. - ). What will be shares of own and extra means, in the Resource did not begin to specify.

during a meeting with the president of Adygea Victor Nauruzov also has informed that now the Resource daily directs on manufacture modernisation in territory of republic about 1 million roubles. Mister Thakushinov has in turn offered head the Resource to pay attention to the gone bankrupt regional integrated poultry farms which capacities are not used today. In the answer head the Resource has noticed that the holding considers possibility of acquisition of new actives in Adygea only provided that their price will be not above srednerynochnoj.

In a resource underline that, investing in factory modernisation, the holding adheres to a policy of the closed manufacture in territory of region and independence of foreign suppliers. It is expected that the enterprise will provide with forages poultry-farming complexes not only in Adygea, but also on Kuban and in Stavropol Territory. Besides, the agroholding intends to increase capacities brojlernyh platforms in Adygea from present 16,5 thousand tons of meat a year to 24 thousand tons, and also completely to load and ptitsepererabatyvajushchy industrial complex in Maikop, calculated on 40 thousand release Fowl tons a year.

group of the agroenterprises the Resource it is created in 2002. The group structure includes a complex of the economy which are growing up raw materials for own kombikormovogo of manufacture, poultry-farming complexes, and also the enterprises for processing of a bird. In region the group owns ptitsepererabatyvajushchim industrial complex in Maikop, Belorechensky kombikormovym factory and an integrated poultry farm, Gulkevichsky, Teuchezhsky, Krasnogvardejsky and Giaginsky brojlernymi the enterprises, the Shovgenovsky integrated poultry farm. The volume of output of production in 2005 has made 31,4 thousand tons of fowl. The data for 2006 it do not reveal, planned yet that they it is reached 60 thousand tons. The assortimentnaja ruler is presented in the domestic market under trade marks the Gold Valley and nezhnino .

Participants of the market notice that the increased investment activity of leading players will lead to the extremely cruel competition between them in territory JUFO already in the nearest year - two. Simultaneously with the Resource plans of the further expansion of business in the south of Russia declared one of the basic competitors agroholinga - the company the Stavropol broiler (enters into group agros ) . Under the statement of the general director the Stavropol broiler Michael Dokukina, within four years the company intends to increase volumes of output of fowl to 80 thousand tons (in 2006 - 42 thousand tons). Thus mister Dokukin has estimated investments necessary for it into $115 million In turn in a press - service Optifuda (Moscow) have informed that in the long term the company expects to finish capacities of agroholding created in the Rostov region to 70 thousand tons of fowl a year. However, some experts notice that at favorable market conditions southern - the Russian integrated poultry farms can increase sale at the expense of replacement from the local market of the fowl imported from other regions and the countries. So, in the Rostov regional association Donptitsevod have informed that last year on a share of the Don integrated poultry farms it was necessary only about 12 % of the local market.

Sergey Ozersky