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; Moscow Yury Belous has told, how the means received RFPL will be distributed. The contract with NTV Plus the prime minister - $23 million league in a year will bring. Besides, it already has agreements with a number of sponsors for a total sum $12 million Agreement on $5 - 6 million will be soon signed. $40 turn out in total - 41 million Under regulations of means operating now share under the formula 40 - 40 - 20: 40 % - between all clubs fifty-fifty, 40 more % - depending on the place taken by them and 20 % - depending on quantity of translations of matches with their participation on the central channels. however I consider this scheme unfair. On March, 3rd at general meeting of league I have suggested to pass to the formula 40 - 60, and all goes to that it will be accepted. To consider also quantity of displays of matches of a command on TV I consider wrong - heads of TV channels have the club predilections, - mister Belous explains. - If we in this season will act the same as and in the past - we will take the sixth place our share from the general pie will make about $4,5 million against $1,4 million last year. It thus that the budget for a season remains almost invariable - about $28 million That is we will cover practically the sixth part of the expenses .
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Matches of the oldest football league of the world - English - on popular TV channels are not broadcast. National broadcasting company BBC owns only the rights to display of cuttings of the best moments of matches. Under the agreement in force concluded in 2005 and expiring in the end of it, BBC the prime minister - league in total £ will pay English; 105 million

English clubs receive the Basic incomes from contracts with paid TV channels. So, broadcasting company BSkyB owning the right live display in territory of Great Britain and Ireland 138 games for a season, has paid for the contract expiring upon termination of this season, £ 1,024 billion the new agreement - till 2010 on which BSkyB the prime minister - league already £ will pay is already signed; 1,7 billion Besides, have been realised by separate packages of the media content right of use on the Internet and on its distribution among owners of mobile phones. In the sum it will bring still £ 400 million Separately for £ 625 million have been sold the rights to display of matches outside of Great Britain and Ireland. 81 package - in a zone " is in total realised; coverings English football have got at once 208 countries and territories. English the prime minister - leagues from realisation of the rights to teletranslations for following three seasons will make the total income more £ 2,7 billion will essentially grow also prize-winning, paid to commands. If last year London Chelsea has received for a champion`s title nearby £ 30 million now the same sum will be paid to the command which has taken last place. The champion can can count on £ 50 million