Rus News Journal

System has written TV program

that has forced it after a seven-year break again to be engaged in journalism, VLADIMIR JAKOVLEV has told.
- why you have decided to return to media business?

- I love media, and to me have bothered it not to be engaged. We are for a long time familiar with Vladimir Petrovichem (Yevtushenkov, head AFK System . - ), he has invited me about five months ago in this project which has interested me. A platform Strim - TV - very interesting platform, especially in a situation which develops today in the Russian media market. It should change very strongly, now on it there are a little global, almost crisis changes.

- that you mean?

- On the one hand, it is a question of change of mutual relations of a paper and the Internet. With another - now basically the journalistic culture completely changes, the ideology zhurnalizma changes. It is the world process which mentions also Russia. In Russia it is strengthened in addition by that the information journalism which dominated in our media market last 15 years dies. She dies, as has been based on two postulates: the dry information and council. The fact plus council is a good scheme in conditions bystrorazvivavshegosja societies when life constantly changed. Changes cause information hunger, in such conditions the heavy simple information food is necessary.

- you consider, what the epoch of changes in the country comes to the end?

- In general the journalism created by the period of very fast change of the Russian society, dies, because the country becomes stabler. Over the last ten years the audience has acquired such quantity of the information that now people need to pay extra for mastering of the new information. With councils too already obvious search. Readers much that have tried and sometimes better journalists know a subject. It concerns not only consumer sphere, but also a policy, business. The quantity of that advisory information which the journalist can inform the businessman, decreases, and it becomes more and more uzkoprofessionalnoj. The information journalism ceases to be interesting to a wide range of readers, other products which it yet does not receive now are necessary to it. In the conditions of information hunger it was necessary to give audiences simple and clear products - bread and a meat piece. When hunger is not present more, and there is a pleasant appetite, it is necessary to be able is tasty to prepare. That, naturally, demands much more bolshego professionalism of journalists - to work in the conditions of information hunger much easier.

- So what should be mass-media in new conditions?

- While it is known to nobody. The reader never knows that it is necessary for it, that is simply ceases to be pleasant to it. And to find that is necessary, - a problem of journalists. Now the image of new mass-media only is formed, and its unique possibility to grope - experiment. Though in the market now there are editions which are closer to new model, than others. For example, magazines Eskvajr New Times Rafa Shakirov.

- as these changes will affect traditional information mass-media?

- As to the press it should find a modern language soon. Circulations of those editions which will find it, will grow, and the others - to be reduced. Therefore it is interesting to me to begin projects in the Russian market, it is interesting to participate in creation of new mass-media. Actually, has been created just during such moment. Other party of changes occurring in the media market is that cable channels start to draw in radio television little by little. For this reason development cable and as a whole paid TV is very interesting now. And paid TV, in turn, already props up IP - television.

- having sold in 1999, you as if have sunk into water: all these years about you and about your projects the wide media public did not have any information. Than you were engaged all this time?

- Private affairs. During this period I had projects not in Russia, not so considerable. Some of them have been connected with the Internet.