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The State Duma leaves the budgetary policy

On Wednesday the State Duma has accepted in the first reading new edition of the Budgetary code (BK). Deputies have supported the bill prepared by the Ministry of Finance in spite of the fact that it, in their opinion, discharges parliament of budgetary planning and control over the state investments and deprives hope regions to balance the incomes. By a recognition of deputies, acceptance of the new code only will legalise present practice of control of executive power behind drawing up and budget execution.
to represent the updated Budgetary code to the State Duma there has arrived its main author of the deputy minister of the finance Tatyana Golikova. She has informed deputies on the cores, in its opinion, advantages of the document: This introduction of accurate classification of obligations of the state before the population and bjudzhetopoluchateljami, transition to intermediate term (three-year) planning of the federal budget and budgets of three social funds, an establishment of new, more transparent mechanism of the state investments directed to economy through federal target and address investment programs (FTSP and FAIP), strengthening of financial discipline for the budgetary organisations having incomes of commercial activity.

the estimating bill the head of Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin acted in a role of the moderate critic minfinovskih innovations and did not hide satisfaction concerning that has managed to beat off Alexey Kudrin`s attack to the powers. We will remind that the project of new edition BK actually transferred functions the auditor the federal budget to submitting Ministry of Finance Rosfinnadzoru. Sergey Stepashin who has sharply opposed to creation, as he said, one more Audit Chamber Has informed deputies that head BK about financial control as a result decided to accept separately from the code - autumn of 2007.

having noted expansion of horizons of budgetary planning mister Stepashin has declared that new BK gives too many powers of executive power, does not promote transition to principles of the budgetary planning focused on result, and does not provide for a long time the ripened introduction of personal responsibility of heads for no-purpose use of budgetary funds (corresponding articles in the Criminal code, as he said, now actually are not applied).

Deputy Vitaly Shuba stating a position of profile budgetary committee of chamber, has declared that new procedure of approval of expenses by kinds already in the first reading discharges deputies of concept discussion socially - economic development of the country for a year and on prospect . Besides, the exception of the text of the budget of the basic macroeconomic indicators - the planned volume of gross national product and a rate of inflation, according to committee, does discussion of the forecast of development of the country in the State Duma formal . Duma members and that the new Budgetary code the Ministry of Finance intends " do not agree; to preserve a parity of incomes not arranging them and account powers of regional and municipal budgets. At last, indignation of deputies has caused the discharge of parliament conceived by the Ministry of Finance from drawing up FTSP and FAIP. the Only thing that the State Duma can confirm, are objects in budget cost more than 10 mlrd rbl. But such projects now are not present, therefore this norm no more than the declaration - Vitaly Shuba has declared.

performances of the representative of committee and other deputies contained so a lot of criticism that could seem as if the State Duma will reject the bill. So, the head of agrarian committee Gennady Kulik has declared that at acceptance of this bill the destiny of the Russian parliamentarism " dares; and the member of bank committee Valery Zubov has noticed that on new edition BK the budget without discussion will be already accepted by the State Duma in the first reading. But in the followed voting for new version BK 336 voices, against - 23 are submitted, refrained was not.

such outcome speaks that the State Duma has given in in budgetary process for a long time already - powers of members of parliament on change of the budget brought by the Ministry of Finance are conditional enough. During zero reading of the law in force about the budget for 2007 deputies managed to achieve from the Ministry of Finance of increase in expenses only on 50 mlrd rbl. 10,6 mlrd rbl. of expenses have been redistributed on other purposes at the second reading, 16,7 more mlrd rbl. - in the third. Thus that the account part of the budget - 2007 makes 5,4 trln rbl. Duma members could increase its all by 0,9 % and redistribute 0,5 %. For comparison: in 90 - h years the parliament redistributed to 25 % of expenses of the budget. we for a long time already out of process. The majority of deputies did not read BK and do not know maintenance of budgets which accept - has reminded colleagues a member of budgetary committee of Ljubov Shvets.

the Second reading of new edition of the Budgetary code will take place on April, 6th.