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The Savings Bank took the good repayment

On Wednesday the Savings Bank declared that shareholders have paid 99,4 % of volume of the demands made them on the action dopemissii. Now a choice for less predicted foreign investors who should redeem actions since March, 8th. Participants of the market are convinced that the state interested in success national IPO will not allow to them an occasion to refuse the demands and will support quotations not only before the termination of term of placing of the Savings Bank, but also in the long term two - three months, yet will not come to the end IPO VTB.
According to the president - the chairman of the board of the Savings Bank Andrey Kazmin, existing shareholders have redeemed more than 1,6 million actions placed dopemissii for the sum 146,3 mlrd roubles that makes 99,4 % of volume of the demands made them. Transfer of means by other investors will occur from March, 8 till March, 21st inclusive. Thus, according to the first vice-president of the Savings Bank of Alla Aleshkinoj, the declared price (89 thousand Roubles for the action) there correspond demands for the sum 253,9 mlrd roubles. That is investors needed to redeem actions approximately on 107 mlrd roubles. I think that we will receive 240 - 245 mlrd roubles, but, I underline, these are the preliminary estimated data: it is necessary to wait official results - she has declared to agency the Prime - TASS . The Savings Bank management has refrained From any estimations of intermediate results of placing.

the Savings Bank spent a subscription to 3,5 million actions dopemissii from January, 30th till February, 19th. Till March, 5th payment of the actions got by shareholders under the right of priority was inclusive spent. Everything, according to the head of bank Andrey Kazmin, it has been submitted demands for the sum nearby 270 mlrd roubles. On realisation of the right of priority (from shareholders - no more a proportional share of participation) it has been submitted demands for 1,65 million actions (on 147 mlrd roubles according to the placing price), competitive demands it has been submitted on 1,08 million actions (on 96,12 mlrd roubles), not competitive (for physical persons without price instructions) - on 13,5 mlrd roubles.

according to experts, repayment results existing shareholders of the demands have coincided with their expectations. the published data corresponded to the preliminary information which was at participants of the market: predictably, the Central Bank has redeemed papers on 79,4 mlrd roubles, other volume (nearby 67 mlrd roubles) was provided with other holders - manager Nomos - bank Ivan Guminov marks conducting portfelnyj.

Now for interested persons the greatest interest represents how will redeem the demands other investors who have submitted the demands for the sum nearby 100 mlrd of roubles. I think that for the Savings Bank to collect such sum - quite vypolnimaja a problem, - Svetlana Kovalsky has told an analyst of investment company ` the Renaissance the Capital `. - Considering that the majority of investors is focused on long-term investments, hardly short-term market condition as on it there is an obvious support of quotations " can affect their decision on the repayment;.

it is valid, level of support of actions of the Savings Bank has been in full shown on Monday when its quotations decreasing during the auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange to 85 thousand roubles for the action, have started to grow, having shown as a result the 91,5 thousand roubles price. According to analysts, only this day on support of actions of the Savings Bank was istracheno $40 - 50 million All since February, 21st on to admitting falling of stock quotes below the price of placing (89 thousand roubles), it has been spent, by estimations of participants of the market, some hundreds millions dollars (that is not less than 5 mlrd roubles). There is no saying, who provided support and in whose interests - the Savings Bank, investors close to the state or representatives of large minority shareholders, but are steady sensation what to fall below the price of placing to actions of the Savings Bank will not give - analyst FK " considers; Uralsib Anton Tabah.

In these conditions, despite preservation of risks mass nevykupa the demands, which analyst of MDM - bank Alex Kantarovich has estimated in 15 % from volume dopemissii (that is in 30 - 40 mlrd roubles), to it from the market experts do not expect any signals. I would not began to worry that the Savings Bank will not type necessary quantity of the paid demands - the head of bank department and a member of the supervisory board of the Savings Bank Alexey Savatjugin has calmed.

Moreover, a number of participants of the market are convinced that support of quotations will last and after the placing period. The state will be interested in to admitting falling of quotations still some time - at least till the summer that the example of national placing of the Savings Bank became positive for those who is going to put up money in action VTB - has declared operating an investment portfolio of one of banks. However, it has found it difficult to estimate, how many for it can be spent money. certainly, support of actions of the Savings Bank eternally will not last. But considering that the state too is interested in success of national placing, even at the most bad for the market a deal strongly to fall to actions will not give - general director TSEA " considers; Interfax Michael Matovnikov.