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Russians become a dying out kind

the United Nations has published the report “ the International demographic tendencies “ according to which by 2050 the world`s population will be reached 9 mlrd by the person. Rates of an increase in population of a planet will be cut by half and will make about 30 million persons in Russia to an increase in population will disturb only: under the forecast of scientists, for 43 years the quantity of inhabitants of the country will decrease for 20 %. Experts warn that this figure can be twice more if the authorities continue to carry out inefficient demographic to the policy.
According to United Nations research, by July, 2007 population of a planet will be made 6,6 mlrd by the person that in 2,5 times exceeds an indicator of 1950. Further the gain will decrease, and by 2048 number of people on the earth is stabilised on a 9 billion mark Annual increase in population will be reduced from present 73 million persons a year to 35 million, and it will be provided exclusively with developing countries. In the developed countries the population will decrease with speed of 1 million persons in a year. Till 2050 population will be reduced in 51 country, thus Russia is in avant-guard of this list: for this period the country population will decrease for 30 million persons and will make 113 million (now - 143 million). The Russian experts give more optimistical forecast: according to Rosstata, by 2051 in Russia there will live 123,2 million persons.

as Rosstata Olga Antonova has explained the deputy chief of department of a demography, at the heart of a world tendency on population decrease lies “ change of reproductive intentions “. “ the Population is guided by small families, with one - two children more and more, - madam Antonova has noted. Is occurs historically and equally in all countries in process of their development. The western model of a family assumes that mother and the father build career, as a result of the first child give birth only in 30 years, and the second - there is no time “. “ Experts of the United Nations underestimate mass distribution malodetnosti, - Anatoly Antonov considers zavkafedroj sociology and a demography of sociological faculty of the Moscow State University. - a maximum of population of the earth which it is necessary to expect by 2050, - 8 mlrd, and after 2070 - 2090 this indicator will begin to decline “.

Scientists notice that besides world tendencies on population reduction Russia comes under influence of factors which other countries have not faced. “ till 1970 of the USSR went level with other countries, however then the West has started to be put seriously in preventive maintenance of health of people, - Anton`s mister has explained. - the Russian medicine and now remains almost military “. “ In Russia death rate from - for a traumatism, murders, in failures and from an alcoholic poisoning costs to  destruction on the second place (after death from warm - vascular diseases) and makes 300 thousand persons a year “ - madam Antonova ascertained.

As it is known, in May, 2006 president Vladimir Putin has attended to a demography problem and in the message to Federal meeting declared the new demographic policy in which basis have laid down migration encouragement, increase of birth rate at the expense of grants for the first and second child, and also decrease in death rate by means of rigid control over a turn of alcoholic production. However scientists consider that it is not enough of it. “ it is necessary to count only on small increase of birth rate in the nearest three - four years, but then all becomes as before, - Anton`s mister has noted. - if not to stimulate a birth of three - four children, not to release young families from payment of taxes by 2050 the population of Russia can decrease not for 30 million, and on 40 - 50 million And if thus to stimulate migration by 2080 in Russia will live all 60 million person from which 60 % - strangers and their grandsons “.