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EU searches for freedom from the Russian energy

the summit which has Opened yesterday in Bruxelles of the European Union countries almost completely is devoted questions of power safety of the countries - neighbours of Russia. Lithuania and Poland have already addressed for support in power sphere to EU, Ukraine intends to expand the cooperation with EU in this sphere. Vilnius tries to achieve renewal of work of branch of the oil pipeline going to Lithuania Friendship . Warsaw - financings at the expense of EU of building of a gas pipeline Nabukko Kiev - realisations of the project of the pipeline Odessa - Fords - Plock.
yesterday in Bruxelles the spring summit of EU on which the main place is occupied with questions of a power policy has opened. Before its beginning variety of representatives of Eurocommission, EU Member States, and also Ukraine have made variety of the statements testifying to intentions seriously to prosecute by a subjects of maintenance of a diversification of power deliveries.

Lithuania demands the help of EU in attempt to renew work of branch of the oil pipeline Friendship going on Mazhejkjajsky oil refinery. Yesterday this question in Bruxelles was discussed the commissioner concerning power by Andris Pibalgs and the Lithuanian prime minister Gediminas Kirkilas. They have agreed to make this question priority at the forthcoming summit Russia - EU which will pass on May, 18th, 2007 in Samara. Yesterday they were supported by the head of Eurocommission Jose Manuel Barroso. In his letter to prime ministers of Poland and Lithuania, in particular, it is told: Solidarity is a basic element in realisation power, and also other directions of a policy of EU .

Poland suggests EU to make a priority and to provide with financing gas pipeline building Nabukko going from Central Asia to Europe bypassing Russia. According to that has told to agency ITAR - TASS not named representative of EU, Poland intends to achieve from Turkmenia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan of guarantees on gas deliveries on this pipeline. In May in Warsaw it is convoked the power summit oil deliveries in EU on the oil pipeline of Baku - Dzhejhan, and also plans on building of its branch to the EU countries, including Germany become which main theme. Heads of Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan are already invited to it.

Ukraine too intends to develop power cooperation with EU. Yesterday the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko at a meeting with the eurocommissioner on external relations and a policy of the neighbourhood Benitoj Ferrero - Valdner has declared that the cooperation agreement between Ukraine and EU it will be obligatory to include head about power partnership . Odessa - Fords - Plock Is a question of financing of EU of building of the pipeline.

EU is not ready to give yet to neighbours of Russia of guarantees of multi-billion investments. In Kiev madam Ferrero - Valdner underlined that the future is not predetermined and seriously about building Nabukko it will be possible to speak only after its resource base becomes clear. But proceeding from the summit agenda, a theme power safety in EU it is not forgotten and it is treated at all in that key as it is accepted in Moscow.