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Japan and Democratic People`s Republic of Korea have exchanged friction

In Hanoi have without results come to the end yesterday Japanese - North Korean negotiations about normalisation of relations. The parties have exchanged charges in insincerity and a presentation of unacceptable requirements. Thus, on a way of nuclear disarmament of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea there was a new obstacle.
Japanese - North Korean negotiations in embassy of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in Hanoi were spent within the limits of plan realisation under the decision of the North Korean nuclear problem, co-ordinated on February, 13th at six-sided negotiations in Beijing. Then Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has agreed to freeze the nuclear objects in exchange for granting to it other five participants (the USA, South Korea, China, Russia and Japan) guarantees of safety and the impressive economic help.

however the prime minister of Japan Sindzo Abe known for the rigid relation to Pyongyang, has let know that its country will not help Democratic People`s Republic of Korea before full normalisation of mutual relations that is impossible without the decision Problems stolen . We will remind that in 2002 of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has admitted the abduction fact the special services in 70 - 80 - h years of the last century of 13 Japanese. Pyongyang has returned five of them, and the others declared died. But Tokyo insists that stolen was more, and demands to return all survived. In the answer of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has demanded from Japan indemnification for a damage put to it by Japanese occupation 1910 - 1945.

despite almost impasse, negotiations have begun on Wednesday morning with the optimistical statement of the head of Japanese delegation Koiti Haraguti. He has told that Japan intends to undertake concrete steps on normalisation of relations from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea by the decision of all problems connected with the period of occupation and with stolen at simultaneous discussion of North Korean nuclear and rocket programs. And sevekorejsky the partner the Dream Or Ho has promised it to do the utmost for the decision of a nuclear problem and has expressed readiness to normalise the relation with Japan after reception from it compensation for occupation.

however after the first lunch break negotiations have not renewed. As mister Haraguti has explained later, in reply to the requirement of Japanese definitively to solve a question about stolen North Koreans have declared that have made enough and the further discussions on this theme have no sense . And one of members of North Korean delegation has on the condition of anonymity told: Japanese, probably, want, that we have recovered the dead. Time so to speak with them there is nothing .

But here Americans have interfered with business, insistently having recommended to the parties to continue negotiations and to try to overcome disagreements. Yesterday delegations have met again, but all for 45 minutes - to ascertain that mutual requirements are not become softer. Heads of delegations have accused each other of insincerity. Date of a new meeting has not been appointed.

thus, on a way to disarmament of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea was outlined one more serious obstacle. The first was found out on come to the end on Tuesday American - a North Korean meeting in Washington. The chief negotiator of the USA Christopher Hill then has declared that for reception of the economic help of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea should include in the list frozen (and subsequently dismantled) nuclear programs the confidential program on uranium enrichment the equipment for which Pyongyang, according to investigation of the USA, buys worldwide. Pyongyang categorically denies presence of such program.