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To citizens of Kazan have added inexpensive clothes

To Kazan the new operator of monobrand clothing stores the house-keeper - class Modis - Joint-Stock Company " has come; Clothes 3000 . The network consisting now only from three shops, intends to grow by 2011 to 120 shops the area 1,5 - 3 thousand in sq. m with an annual turnover in $1 billion Investment into creation of a network within two years are planned in the sum $250 million However participants of the market doubt success of the project, considering that for similar shops the planned area of trading floors excessive and will not justify an expense. Yesterday the domestic sewing company Clothes 3000 has opened the first in Kazan and the third in Russia monobrand shop Modis. As partners in the project have acted company Troika Capital Partners (enters into structure the Three Dialogue is fund Russia New Growth Fund management company) and investment group New idea .
Network Modis, started to be formed only on March, 1st current year from two shops in Yaroslavl, intends to have by the end of 2007 already 28 shops - in Pyatigorsk, Stavropol, Tula, Chelyabinsk, Ryazan, Novosibirsk, St.-Petersburg, Moscow Region. Investments into the project till the end of 2008 will make not less than $250 million Firm management plans that by 2011 the turn of all network will reach $1 mlrd, and the quantity of shops the area 1,5 - 3 thousand in sq. m everyone will exceed 120 units. The network is calculated on a low price segment and the house-keeper - a style class casual for buyers 15 - offers 35 years clothes. Owners of a network hope that the success of expansion will be provided with the former general director Ob Russia Geert - Jan ten Hoonte involved in the project as the general director of a network.
participants of the market have noted ambition of plans of the company and have doubted expediency of creation of similar shops with the big floor spaces. So, representatives of firm Sela consider that from this point of view the project is risky for not competitive while and the brand which has not justified . The managing director of shop Zolla the Ring Arthur Kataev also believes that for Kazan the similar areas velikovaty owing to what the network can become unprofitable. In its opinion, shops will balance on the verge of unprofitableness at least till the autumn . Besides, mister Kataev has expressed doubts concerning geography of expansion of the operator: large shopping centres are necessary to It, and in Russia not so it is a lot of such giants. They should go at least to cities - polumillionniki . In this connection interlocutors doubt that the network by 2011 will develop to 120 shops.
Lilija Mirgazieva