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Vimm - the Bill - Dann has sold novokujbyshevskmoloko

Open Society Vimm - the Bill - Dann left structure of shareholders of Open Society novokujbyshevskmoloko (the Samara region, Novokuybyshevsk), having sold 87,13 % of actions of factory belonging to it. The sum of transaction does not reveal, but initially the company planned to sell factory for 83 million roubles. The unknown physical person who, according to analysts, could operate in interests of one of participants of the Samara dairy market became the buyer of securities. Experts consider that in purchase molzavoda is interested any player who puts before itself the serious purposes also has the ready program of work in the dairy market . Open Society Vimm - the Bill - Dann (VBD, the basic industrial active of Open Society Vimm - the Bill - Dann. Foodstuff ) Has informed on secession of shareholders of Open Society novokujbyshevskmoloko (NKM). According to VBD, past Monday the company has sold 87,13 % (25317 pieces of ordinary actions) securities belonging to it Novokuybyshevsk molzavoda. Other actions (12,17 %) belong to the chairman of the board of Open Society Vimm - the Bill - Dann. Foodstuff to Sergey Plastininu. The buyer of share holding VBD is not called, however, under the information , the unknown physical person who could get share holding VBD in interests of one of local players of the dairy market became them. The message from VBD has appeared on a site of disclosing of the information on March, 7th, that is on the eve of holidays that, according to expert Energy Consulting Nikolay Kuchin, testifies that organizers of this transaction do not want, that the final proprietor became known . In VBD yesterday have indirectly confirmed this assumption, having refused to name the buyer and terms of transaction. A press - the secretary of the company Anton Sarajkin has declared: We do not open such information. If the buyer wants, he will tell about it and names a sum of transaction . He has added that itself does not know, who is the buyer molzavoda: We addressed to our lawyers, but they have told that it is the classified information .
Open Society Vimm - the Bill - Dann. Foodstuff it has been based in 1992. The company includes 33 enterprises of Russia and the CIS, and also trading branches in 26 cities. Now in the company works about 17 thousand persons.
Open Society novokujbyshevskmoloko it is placed in operation in 1975. Specialises on manufacture of dry skim milk, dairy and sour-milk production. Capacities of the enterprise - 40 t finished goods a day. According to last quarterly account of the enterprise, on the end of the third quarter 2006 cost of a net wealth molzavoda has made 8 million 336 thousand roubles. The price of one action equaled 286,88 rbl., quantity of the placed actions - 29 thousand 058 pieces. The general accounts payable - 147 million 547 thousand 314 roubles, including delayed - 485 thousand 125 roubles. A gain - 443 million 385 thousand roubles. In the enterprise report referring to ACNielsen it was specified that a factory share in the dairy market of the Samara region - 9 % in natural expression. 69 % made novokujbyshevskmolokom production the company marketed in the Samara region, 25 % - in the Saratov, 6 % - in the Ulyanovsk region.
NKM was a part VBD in the spring of 2002. Then an enterprise controlling interest has got Open Society Lianozovsky dairy industrial complex entering in VBD. On the areas of the Novokuybyshevsk enterprise it was made and production under federal brands VBD " was issued; Cheerful molochnik and Treasured bidonchik which is packaged in packing fin - pak (a polyethylene film). During possession of a package of securities molzavoda, VBD declared that invested in development of factory about 400 thousand euro.
the informal information that VBD intend to get rid of the actions Novokuybyshevsk molzavoda, has appeared in the end of the last year. In most VBD refused to make comments on this information. Meanwhile last year at the enterprise reorganisation of factory with a view of its division into two separate legal persons one of which has been urged to be responsible for production, another - for its sale has begun. Participants of the market then have estimated similar actions, as the beginning of preselling preparation NKM. Besides, in the beginning of December, 2006 VBD has published the reporting for nine months of last year in which on manufacture of mineral water write-off of capacities has been reflected in Valdai and closing molzavoda in Novokuybyshevsk for a total sum $16 million
As the source familiar with preselling preparation molzavoda, the transaction on sale molzavoda has told there were some months. According to a source, owners NKM offered a share holding to all basic players of the Samara dairy market, and as applicants for enterprise purchase the companies " acted, in particular; the Edelweiss (Samara) and Open Company the Dairy world (Samara). With an edelweiss yesterday it was not possible to communicate, and the director of Open Company the Dairy world Alexey Sorokin has confirmed that the company participated in negotiations about sale of the Novokuybyshevsk enterprise. we showed interest. They have told that want to sell (NKM. - ), and in the end of the last year we communicated, but after that took a time - a miss and while to what have not agreed, - mister Sorokin has told . - at them the expensive factory, they asked for it about 83 million roubles .
the Principal cause of sale of share holding NKM one of local players of the dairy market on the condition of anonymity named that VBD was not entered with the production in a market segment on milk manufacture in packing fin - pak. People with average and high level of incomes prefer to buy production either in bottles, or in boxes. fin - pak is a low price segment, but also there there is a division into classes. Brands Treasured bidonchik and Cheerful molochnik are focused on a high price segment of such production. But the high price segment in the Samara market now occupies Open Society Samaralakto Which too lets out production in polyethylene packages, - the interlocutor marks. - Therefore, it turns out, VBD it could not be fixed in the Samara market: in a cheap and average segment they did not fly with the economy and the cost price, and to the high could not get, because this niche is occupied Samaralakto .
for anybody from average players this factory of interest does not represent. There not so good raw-material base - one of participants of the market has noted in conversation with . With such opinion analyst Energy Consulting Nikolay Kuchin does not agree. As he said, considering a situation in the Samara market, deficiency of a raw-material base, this factory can be interesting to any player who puts before itself the serious purposes. If this active, at all its minuses, is got, means, the new proprietor has the ready program of work, and struggle in the local dairy market becomes aggravated . Mister Kuchin is assured that the purchaser - one of strong players in the market . As he said, purchase Novokuybyshevsk molzavoda could be interesting to Open Society Samaralakto (occupies about 60 % of the Samara dairy market, since 2002 is the base enterprise of the Russian holding JUnimilk ) or to the Samara Open Company the Management company BiMolo which has in the end of the last year declared plans on creation of own raw-material base and transition to output under a uniform brand. This company intends to solve a problem of shortage of raw materials and to raise quality of let out production and thus to increase the share in the dairy market of the Samara region, having pressed Samaralakto .
Evgenie Nikolaeva,
Elena Mangileva