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  Game rules TPP will be made by the list reliable partnerovtorgovo - the industrial chamber (TPP) RT will generate the register of the public companies according to which managing subjects will divide on “ diligent “ and “ unfair “. The first deputy of premieres has informed On it at the session which has taken place on Wednesday of the Republican interdepartmental commission (RMVK) on increase of a standard of living and legalisation of incomes - minister RT Ravil Murat. As he said, authorities intend to use the register at decision-making on placing of orders for production delivery, rendering of services for the state and municipal needs. Local governments will lean also against these data at land selling, delivery of building licences, he has added. “ We support these undertakings and we want, that it is all was not zabjurokratizirovano, will be enough, if the enterprises place the information on the activity on special site TPP, - the first has defined position about the given innovation vitse - the prime minister. - for us it is very important, that they have told, what volumes at them the made production, what average salary, whether is working, receiving below the minimum consumer budget and as affairs with payment of taxes - the rest for us in the given register not necessarily " are;. At the same time the state intends to secure itself against inclusion in the register of false data. As has noted Ravil Murat, all data will be compared with the information, available tax departments. Besides, from this year the companies which are not present in the public register, will not be admitted to the state order. Chairman RMVK has explained that this measure is directed on unfair competition elimination between “ decent “ and “ dishonourable “ commodity producers as in view of higher tax and social loading the first have smaller profitability, than other enterprises of branch which resort to “ grey “ to schemes vzaimoraschetov also practise salary payment in envelopes.
“ Tatars - an inform “

  the Retail   “ tehnosila “ goes to the remote place electronics and home appliances Network “ tehnosila “ has opened in February 4 franchajzingovyh shop. In particular, in the cities of Sudzha of Kursk area, Djurtjuli (Bashkiria), in the Kanevsky village of Krasnodar territory and in settlement Privolzhsky (Mary El). “ In everyone franchajzingovom shop all commodity categories of assortment of a network “Tehnosila“ are presented. Shipments to shops - franchajzi are carried out from our regional distribution centres. And federal distribution of advertising of a network does shops of our partners in a franchise completely involved in standards of our work “ - has told Nadezhda Senjuk, the director for network public relations “ tehnosila “. Thus, the quantity of shops - franchajzi in a network has increased to 15.
Polina Ivanov

  Investigation the Lawyer is suspected in moshennichestveprokuraturoj Bashkiria criminal case concerning the lawyer promising to the client to stop concerning it criminal case for 700 thousand of rbl. About it is directed to court Larissa Kuchin has informed the senior assistant to public prosecutor RB. The Office of Public Prosecutor of Bashkiria has seen crime structure in actions of the lawyer, having qualified them as attempt at swindle in the large size (ch. 3 items 30, ch. 3 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). Now accusation is brought to it. “ it is During the investigation established that 48 - the summer woman, being the lawyer of legal consultation, in May of last year has concluded with the client the contract on rendering of a legal aid and protection on preliminary investigation on the criminal case which is in manufacture of an investigatory part of investigatory management at the Department of Internal Affairs of Ufa, - has informed g - zha Kuchin. - at the same time the woman has decided to use desire of the client to avoid a criminal liability in the mercenary purposes. She has informed the client that can achieve the criminal case termination if to transfer 700 thousand roubles to officials of investigatory management and Office of Public Prosecutor of October area of Ufa. To agree with officials the lawyer did not gather, intending to appropriate money of the client. It has made to the woman an appointment in one of restaurants of Ufa where last should transfer it a part of the demanded sum “. On November, 8th, 2006 the client has transferred to it at restaurant of 110 thousand rbl. Then the lawyer has been detained by employees of management of own safety of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB where its client has addressed the day before, having informed circumstances of the forthcoming transaction.

  Ecology Molzavod has fertilised wood syvorotkojvchera the assistant shumerlinskogo the interdistrict public prosecutor Dmitry Ostrogradsky has informed „“ on criminal case excitation on ch. 2 items 261 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Destruction or damage of wood plantings as a result of pollution by harmful substances “) Upon plum 10 t dairy whey and other harmful industrial waste of Shumerlinsky dairy factory - Open Company “ Dairy business “ - on sites of wood fund of the Mysletsky forest area of Shumerlinsky timber enterprise. The Office of Public Prosecutor has established that the dairy factory is obliged to take out the industrial waste to one of the agricultural enterprises who settles down in the next, Poretsky area of Chuvashiya. On February, 2nd, 2007 about 8 o`clock in the morning the car under control of employed molokozavodom for rendering of transport services of the local individual businessman (his name is not disclosed - „“) was loaded 10 t whey and has merged it in wood. “ at the moment we find out, why the driver so has arrived - whether its actions were independent or it followed management instructions „Dairy business“ “ - has explained „“ g - n Ostrogradsky. He has underlined that “ The event - rather serious ecological crime and guilty of it, according to raised article of the criminal code of Russian Federation, threatens till 7 years of imprisonment “. “ Dairy whey extremely fatally influences trees growing in wood and soil. As a rule, after it in wood there are only dried up turned black “skeletons“ of trees “ - the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor has explained. In turn the director for manufacture “ Dairy business “ Galina Monina has rejected participation of factory in a crime and named it “ amateur performance “ the driver. Thus she has noticed that “ at experts and administration in general is more than well-founded doubts concerning any injuriousness of dairy whey to agricultural grounds and wood fund “. “ At the disposal of our enterprise there is a conclusion of the Vladimir scientific research institute of agriculture - in it scientists assert that if competently to fertilise fields dairy whey and skilfully to plough them agricultural manufacturers and farmers not only will not receive any harm, and on the contrary, will receive doubtless advantage. For example, on fields with application of dairy whey considerably above and faster “the haying“ grass " grows; - has told g - zha Monina.
Oleg Eruslanov, Cheboksary