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The nation birth

In the world is the country for which the history and a cinema are simply synonyms. This country are the USA. In 1909 the main electrician Los - Andzhelesa became engineer Ezra Skattergud who has put forward the slogan: the Electricity is road to health, riches and happiness of the whole world . This slogan has induced in 1919 of German scientist Charles Balloda to write the book about completely the electric state . Having read this book, Vladimir Lenin has altered the Californian slogan, having specified that the communism is the Soviet power plus electrification of all country . During the First World War of Skattergud has created the uniform Californian power supply system which has made an electricity by cheapest in America ($1,42 for killovat - hour). 83 % of the Californian houses and all public transport have been electrified. This power break which has become by a symbol of the American technological superiority, has led to that from New York and Philadelphia the American film industry needing a cheap electricity has moved to the Californian Hollywood.
nothing could unite the nation consisting substantially from immigrants how it was made by a cinema. Because it long time was mute, and immigrants badly spoke on - anglijski or at all did not speak. But they had 5 cents on film session visiting, and they felt the participation in cultural life of America. So it is possible to name the American cinema major of immigrant arts. As a result the native of Russia Luis Mayer has let out in 1915 a film of director Griffitsa a nation Birth about stories of America - and during viewing of this film the nation, actually, also was born.
Since 1923 the Hollywood studios have ceased to clean from subtitles typically American expressions and sleng, generating in Americans participation in the American culture. Since 1927 when there was a first sound film the Singer of a jazz gradually learnt to speak on - anglijski immigrants and their children became admirers of live American speech - and by 1930 Americans weekly bought 100 million tickets for sound films. United America films and about stories of other countries. In 1941 there was a film the Lady Hamilton from Vivien Li and Lawrence Olivier, removed in Hollywood for the only purpose - to clear at Americans sympathy for at war England. And the film has quite achieved the object: participation in the Second World War became history of the USA.