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Victor Kress became twice preschedule

past Saturday Tomsk regional Duma on the last before yesterday`s elections of its new structure session has allocated the operating head of area Victor Kressa with powers for new governor`s term. At this mister Kress who has ahead of schedule put before the president the matter of confidence, before supported the decision of this question regional Duma of new convocation. But deputies have considered what to put the statement of the governor in dependence on results of elections unreasonably.
the Tomsk governor which powers expired only in September, 2008, in February has ahead of schedule put the matter of confidence before the president. On March, 5th Vladimir Putin has brought its nominee in regional parliament. This very day Victor Kress heading the list of United Russia party members on elections in regional Duma, has declared that it is better to deputies to consider its nominee already after the elections appointed to March, 11th, that inhabitants of region could express the opinion on party in day of voting .

Nevertheless thought council led by its chairman Boris Maltsev has unexpectedly decided to spend an emergency meeting last day before elections. The chief of regional department of an information policy and public relations Sergey Nikiforov has explained it desire to exclude legal risks which can arise after elections as under the law the question on the statement of the head of region needs to be considered within 14 days. it is impossible to exclude that someone will want to challenge results of elections or election of the chairman of regional Duma - mister Nikiforov has explained.

Saturday session has begun with performance of speaker Maltsev. He has informed that the Tomsk regional Duma intends to deny put forward enemies of the government of Russia opinion that any regional parliament confirms the presidential promoted worker from fear to be dismissed. We create precedent which even the legislator could not provide, - the speaker has informed. - it is impossible to dismiss us, tomorrow at us powers " come to an end;. Then the leader of fraction " has suggested to support Victor Kressa`s nominee; an United Russia in regional Duma Alexander Kuprijanets.

the Exacted a promise governor has informed what ahead of schedule to ask the president about trust it has compelled desire not to lag behind from other regional heads. more than half of heads of the Russian regions are already confirmed on new procedure, - mister Kress has reminded. - In the West those who leaves from a post of the governor, name lame ducks. It would not be desirable to appear in a role of such lame duck .

voting, predictably, has passed without surprises. For Victor Kressa`s investment with powers of the governor on new, actually the fifth term 36 deputies have voted at one refrained and one against. Making comments on the decision not to postpone the decision of a question on investment of mister Kressa with powers of the head of region, the chief executive of Tomsk branch of Union of Right Forces Nikolay Salangin has agreed that it is connected exclusively with the technical reasons. I do not think that with new structure there would be problems, - mister Salangin has noted. - Anyway for Kressa the majority of candidates " would vote;. The leader of regional branch of LDPR Alexey Didenko has agreed With this opinion also.

At the same time the first secretary Tomsk obkoma Alexey Fedorov has assumed the Communist Party of the Russian Federation what to hasten with the statement of the governor of United Russia party members have compelled doubts in persuasiveness of their victory on elections. it is not known, than elections will terminate, - the communist has informed. - that ` the United Russia ` will reach the put lath in 50 % of voices, there are big doubts (about preliminary results of Tomsk elections p. 3 see) . According to mister Fedorova if on Saturday the head of region have confirmed almost unanimously after elections the number of the voices submitted for it could appear not so big. it, of course, would affect trust to the governor - head obkoma summarised the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

, Tomsk