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Reprimand for murder

jury of jurymen in area Kvins district court in New York will start Today verdict discussion on business of the five policemen who have shot in November of the unarmed Negro. Jurymen will solve, whether to prosecute guards or to be limited to internal investigation. Now it is the process most discussed by Americans. After similar court 15 years ago in Los - Andzhelese have begun scale pogroms on racial soil. With details specially for - the staff reporter “ RIA Novosti news agency “ in New York DMITRY - ERMINES.
at a dawn on November, 25th last year 23 - summer Sean Bell together with two friends left from a striptease - club Kalua Cabaret where has collected friends on malchishnik on the eve of the wedding. At this time the police of New York performed confidential operation on revealing of prostitutes and souteneurs. Under the version of guards, Sean Bell has sat down in the car and on the order of the policeman in the civilian “ Hands up! “ Has answered that has directed on it the car. Four policemen have opened fire on young men. In the died on the spot Sean Bell`s body 50 bullets were revealed. For some days this event became central in newspapers and on television. Sean Joseph Guzman`s who has received 11 bullets the friend, now moves on an invalid chair. In a body of the third of the company, Trent Benefilda, has appeared three bullets - it already was discharged from hospital. Survived a victim and numerous witnesses assert that dressed in civilian policemen did not warn Sean Bell and its friends that they law enforcement officers. Policemen assert that operated strictly within the limits of instructions.

next day after execution at a striptease - club in ethnic areas of New York spontaneous meetings against the police brutality, turned to well organised procession have begun. From scale excitements and pogroms on racial soil the city was rescued only by one circumstance: among five policemen was two Negroes. Nevertheless, hatred black to white, especially in poor quarters, again has had an effect. To it traditional hostility of inhabitants of socially unsuccessful areas to policemen was added also. Especially black active workers were irritated too soft, in their opinion, with reaction of the authorities - the mayor of a megacity Michael Blumberga and the chief of police administration of New York of Reja Kelly. Both have declared that the use of weapons was “ excessive “ but further it have not gone.

victim Sean Bell still had eight-monthly daughter. Its bride Nicole Poltr though wedding has not taken place, took to itself a surname of the lost groom. Sean`s mother bore long time original “ memory watch “ at a tragedy place, friends and relatives joined it, and then and simply sympathising, demanding to punish the guilty. The white inhabitants of New York dissatisfied with actions of police participated in the action also. For the first time since September, 11th, 2001 when police steels national heroes of the USA, to image of guards had been struck such strong blow. Many were irritated especially with that from the very beginning the question on punishment of policemen was not discussed at all. And now jurymen solve not that, they are guilty or are innocent, and prepare a verdict on a question, whether to judge their criminal court or to apply to them office collecting. It means that the thrust 50 bullets in the unarmed person guards can get off with reprimand.

lawyers of policemen run business to it. On Friday in court last from the policemen shooting at Sean Bell, - a detective Michael Oliver acted. From the pistol it 31 times has got to the victim, thus, naturally, interrupted shooting to recharge the weapon. Sean`s relatives consider this fact as the most cynical, after all after a recharge it thrust bullets already in a breathless corpse. The lawyer of the policeman James Kalleton assures that the cynicism here is not present, simply all occurred very quickly and to understand time at a detective was not: “ 31 shot though it also shocks many, from a semi-automatic pistol even taking into account a recharge it is possible to make all for ten seconds “. To convince of it jurymen, on Monday protection has subpoenaed as a witness the independent expert - ballista Eugene Meloni. However its status in this case is rather conditional, as still recently he served in police, and now on pension.

some legal experts assert that the jury cannot take out a fair verdict. “ to the usual juryman rake over the coals, that he has believed what to find the justification to murder which is made by police, is its civic duty. Mass-media have inspired to the public that policemen in a ghetto carry out the same problem, as soldiers in the field of fight. For creation of such image terms ` war with drugs ` and ` war with criminality ` " are used; - considers, in particular, Elton Meddoks - younger.

however, while sympathies of the public on the party of relatives and friends of the victim. Almost all witnesses give evidences basically not in favour of officers. A main point here, whether they warned Sean Bell and its friends that they policemen. Besides, the majority of witnesses assure that in the car there was no fourth person (policemen tried to prove that the fourth was also what exactly to it have transferred a pistol which was ostensibly in hands at Bell or Guzmana which as a result and have not found. - ).

Meanwhile in the end of last week the police declared that the plan of murder of Reja Kelly is opened. According to the investigation, the prisoner of prison Rikers Island Negro David Brown has ostensibly offered $65 thousand decapitating main nju - jorkskogo the policeman and to set fire to the central office of management of police as Rej Kelly has not undertaken anything for fair investigation and punishment guilty of Sean Bell`s  destruction. Here only it has made the order to the police informant.

David Brown only a special case of reaction to business about Sean Bell`s murder. But time of discussion by jurymen of a verdict can appear calm before a storm. As defenders of the rights of the black population of America believe, the result of consideration of charges against policemen can break racial calmness. After all biggest for last 15 years disorders on racial soil have occurred in Black quarters Los - Andzhelesa in 1992 just after jurymen have justified the policemen who have cruelly beaten the Afro-American of the Plenty of King.