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We should postpone voting by elections in EuroParliament. I have noticed that the question which should be priority for the country, became minor .
Such statement was made by the prime minister - the minister of Romania Kelin Popesku - Terichanu, characterising developed in political circles of the country a situation. Within two months from the moment of the introduction of Romania into EU the centrist government, the left opposition and the president conduct political strike which threatens to disorganise ruling coalition. I see that last two months of force untying political disputes, prefer to play games of politics, instead of to organise serious discussion of the problems connected with the introduction of Romania in EU, - he has declared. - such relation is not connected in any way with real needs the Romanian and does not reflect the European interests of the country . Analyzing this situation, the prime minister - the minister, as he said, has come to a conclusion that in the EuroParliament, planned for May, 13th, it is necessary to postpone elections of representatives of Romania till the autumn.

is more detailed with the statement of premieres - the minister of Romania it is possible to familiarise on a site www. kommersant. ru/ leaders