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Spaniards were pulled behind a strong hand

past Saturday in Spain the antigovernmental demonstration largest for the last years has taken place. An occasion began to translate the decision of prime minister Zapatero from prison under house arrest of the active worker baskskoj groupings THIS to Jose Ignasio de Juan Chaosa who is serving time for murder of 25 persons. According to Spanish right, organised this demonstration, the government should not go on any concessions THIS, here 40 years conducting terrorist activity in territory of Spain.
the people of Spain, appear general mobilisation! We will unite in fight against terrorism! - the text of one of the leaflets said, calling to take part in the demonstration organised by the main oppositional force of the country - conservative People party (NP). Right were prepared for the action thoroughly. Active workers NP brought in the Spanish capital from all country - all for this purpose it has been rented about 800 buses. According to opposition and the Madrid authorities sympathising conservatives, in demonstration has taken part more than 2 million persons. However, official Madrid has declared that populists managed to collect only 342 thousand persons. Anyway, Saturday antigovernmental demonstration became the largest during the last years. Many Spaniards have come on it the whole families, some - with small children. As with pride representatives NP have noted, to the most younger participant of demonstration there was no also a year, and to the senior 90 years recently were executed.

at the head of a column of demonstrators there was a leader of NP Mariano Rahoj as whom many in Spain consider as the most probable candidate on a post of the head of following government. Officially expression of the protest against a policy of the socialist government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in the relation baskskoj the terrorist grouping THIS achieving independence of Basque Provinces was the action purpose.

the government decision to translate one of active workers THIS Jose Ignasio de Juan Chaosa leaving 20 - summer term for murder of 25 persons, from prison under house arrest began the Occasion to demonstration carrying out. The insurgent has been condemned still in the end of 80 - h years, and to sit to it remains only two years. However recently against the mister de Juan Chaosa new case has been opened. The matter is that at leisure the terrorist wrote notes about a prison life and sent them in one of the newspapers leaving in territory of the country of Basques. The authorities have seen in these notes threats to representatives of prison administration then the National appellate court (NSP) in November of last year has sentenced the mister de Juan Chaosa to 12 years of imprisonment. Right after Jose`s new judgement de Juan Chaos has begun the termless hunger-strike which has not come to the end even after in February the Spanish Supreme court has softened sentence NSP, having lowered term of imprisonment with 12 till 3 years. After refusal of food intake the state of health of the mister de Juan Chaosa began to worsen sharply, and it has been placed in capital hospital Hospital Doce de Octubre. Basksky propagandists tried to present the insurgent as a victim of reprisals and the martyr. In the meantime the terrorist has given interview to the correspondent of British newspaper The Times in which has declared that does not repent at all of the murders made by it. Nevertheless the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Spain Alfredo Peres Rubalkaba last week has personally disposed to translate the mister de Juan Chaosa under house arrest as, under the certificate of doctors, from - for refusal of his life food real danger threatened.

the opposition has apprehended such decision of the government as a signal to action. The matter is that the question on struggle with baskskim terrorism is key in internal policy of Spain. Socialists being in power consider as the best tactics concessions THIS and negotiations with separatists. Meanwhile NP traditionally supports the power decision of the conflict and refusal of any dialogue with terrorists. it is simply shocking! The government, having given in on blackmail, releases from the prison the monster, on which conscience of 25 murders! Such government is not necessary for us! - has declared Mariano Rahoj, acting on the taken place ambassador of demonstration Columbus`s meeting on the square in the centre of Madrid. Speech of mister Rahoja constantly interrupted an applause and approving barrackings. The crowd continually started to scan Elections, elections! and Zapatero in resignation! . And in the end holding a meeting even have broken into a dance, singing: Zapatero was an error, about - about - about - about, the big our error . Meeting by execution of a national hymn has come to the end.

meanwhile representatives of the government have already declared that the decision concerning Jose de Juan Chaosa will not be reconsidered. the decision in the relation de Juan Chaosa was accepted according to the law and for humane reasons - has declared the first vitse - the prime minister of Spain Maria Teresa Fernandez de la to Vega who also has accused right in infringement of principles of democracy on purpose to achieve the power in the country . Populists try to destabilise in the most irresponsible image a society, to sow in the country uncertainty and fear, resorting thus to slander and discredit of the government for achievement of the political ends - the madam de la has added Vega. Meanwhile oppositionists were threatened to organise new, even more scale protest actions.