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To the titan have found the financier

Open Society “ Corporation “VSMPO - Avisma” “ has informed on appointment to the post zamgendirektora the companies on economy and Victor Nechujatova`s finance, the native from Access Industries to Leonarda Blavatnika. Last is Victor Vekselberg`s partner which structures till last autumn struggled for control over the manufacturer of the titan. In “ Renove “„ “Have informed that it “ a mere coincidence “ also does not mean transfer “ Rosoboroneksportom “ the present owner “ VSMPO - Avismy “ operative control over the company “ Renove “. Open Society “ Corporation“ VSMPO - Avisma ”“ yesterday declared personnel and structural changes in the company. In the end of January the incorporated structure of management has been created by the finance and under it the new post - the assistant to the general director on economy and the finance to which it is appointed 30 - summer Victor Nechujatov is entered. In the biography of the graduate of economic faculty Moscow engineering - building institute two places of work - the international auditor company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and Open Company " are specified only; Athlete Iksess Komir “ which is engaged in coal mining in Kazakhstan and enters in Access Industries Leonarda Blavatnika, Victor Vekselberg`s partner.

Under data „“, its nominee was lobbied by the present supervising owner “ VSMPO - Avismy “ - FGUP “ Rosoboroneksport “. As have told „“ in the corporation, in the end of the last year generated FGUPom the board of directors recommended to general director Vladislav Tetjuhinu of the young expert. In rekrutingovyh agencies about mister Nechujatove it is not known, and it is impossible to name his career outstanding. As have told „“ in PWC, mister Nechujatov has worked in the company with 2000 for 2003, began the adviser for audit, and has finished the younger manager of department of audit on TEKu. “ As a whole the impression about it is faster positive, but anything especial it is impossible to tell “ - tells a source „“ in Access Industries.

last year in the market there was an information that “ Renova “ under the agreement with “ Rosoboroneksportom “ can receive an operational administration on “ VSMPO - Avisme “ For control over which Victor Vekselberg`s company struggled with former proprietor Vyacheslav Breshtom and the present co-owner of corporation Vladislav Tetjuhinym since 2003. However yesterday in “ Renove “„ “Have informed that struggle for the company has ended with autumn of 2006 the agreement of lawsuit with former proprietors, now the company has no to “ VSMPO - Avisme “ any relation and Victor Nechujatova`s appointment - “ a mere coincidence “. To receive comments of mister Nechujatova yesterday it was not possible. But a source„ “in “ Rosoboroneksporte “ has declared that former experience of the new manager at Victor Vekselberg`s partners is plus. “ at Vekselberg business prospers, means, good experts work for it “ - he has declared.

it is not excluded that “ Rosoboroneksport “ has involved former experience of the new employee in the prestigious auditor company. However, the director for agency Pynes marketing &Moerner Anton Krasovsky, casual people on the enterprises " marks; Rosoboroneksporta “ do not take. It does not exclude that mister Nechujatov could be among the people participating in negotiations about sale “ VSMPO - Avismy “ “ Rosoboroneksportu “.

Maria Tcherkasov