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Poland has doubted fighting capacity of the NATO

In the end of last week zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland Vitold Vashchikovsky has declared that the NATO has lost the former force and consequently it is necessary to search for additional guarantees of safety . In its opinion, the alliance which Warsaw has entered in 1999, any more is not the trustworthy alien. Of Warsaw are assured that in case of the conflict to Russia Poland can wait for the help only from the USA that is why the bilateral military contract with Washington is necessary to it.
shocking statement of the second person in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was quoted on Friday in the big article devoted to prospects of safety of Poland, by influential Warsaw newspaper Rzeczpospolita. And, according to authors of article, the mister Vashchikovsky has announced that opinion which now prevails in the higher political circles of the country, but owing to the various reasons while widely will not be published.

This thought has there and then found acknowledgement in statements of other politicians. In particular, the head of senatorial committee of the international affairs Pavel Zalevsky has declared: Our fears are caused, for example, by the relation of allies to participation in NATO missions. The bilateral contract from the USA could strengthen our safety . The mister Zalevsky has paid attention that Russia has seriously increased recently the military budget and the Russian generals in eager rivalry act with menacing statements to Poland.

and according to the hot supporter of creation in Poland the American base of the ABM, eks - Minister of Defence Radoslava Sikorsky, placing of this base should lay down in a basis of the future bilateral cooperation of Poland and the USA for what it is necessary to sign the corresponding contract with Washington.

in Warsaw from the very beginning frankly said that Poland for bases should manage to get at the USA something serious. At first it was a question only of purchase of rockets Patriot which, say, would protect the country from possible threat from east neighbour. According to numerous experts, the European NATO member states are interested in maintenance of good relations with Russia and in case of its possible conflict to Poland hardly will render operative and effective support to Warsaw.

meanwhile a decade ago when there was debate about NATO replenishment by the first beginners from the Central Europe, among the West European politicians there were much those who expressed concern in rather close cooperation including in military - political sphere, between Warsaw and Washington. Some then frankly named Poland the Grecian horse Americans in Europe.

Many Europeans see desire of Warsaw to please Washington and in its active participation in the Iraq campaign, and in a question on placing in Poland bases of the ABM, and in triple increase in number of the Polish military men preparing nowadays in Afghanistan. The USA, in turn, privately support Warsaw in its aspiration to receive oil from Kazakhstan through the countries of the Caucasian region and Ukraine that mass-media had time to christen already the plan Kachinsky meaning the president and the prime minister of Poland. And past Friday the Polish minister without a portfolio Zbignev Vasserman and the ambassador of the USA in Warsaw Victor Esh have signed the agreement on cooperation deepening between special services of both countries.

in Poland not all to liking intention of the present authorities to develop bilateral military cooperation with the USA outside the limits of the NATO. According to the leading expert of the Warsaw Institute of the international relations Romana Kuzhnjara, it Mistrust display to the NATO which can weaken in a serious measure an alliance . Reaction of the European capitals to the initiative of the Polish partners it is possible to expect already within the next few days.