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One of the best Soviet films about teenagers. A screen version of the novel of Ruvima Fraermana about the first love of schoolgirl Tani Sabaneevoj.


Kommando from suburb 22. 00

the Director B.Kennedy. In roles: H.Hogan, K.Lloyd, S.Djuval (the USA, 1991)

the UFO of the space teacher Shepa catching and re-educating bad guys of the Galaxy, has crash-landed on the Earth.


Nobody knows about sex 22. 00

Director A.Gordeyev. In roles: the Aurora, N.Machulsky, A.Kuznetsov (Russia, 2006)

Egor - the son of so dense taiga, what even women there are not found. It was not possible to it to meet any individual of other floor and on the way to Moscow. Its desire to lose the innocence, making a film essence, remains for spectators a riddle.

TV - 3

Kelly`s Gang 19. 00

the Director G.Jordan. In roles: H.Ledzher, O.Blum, L.Kinlen (Australia, 2003)

the Film in an exotic genre the Australian western . Instead of cowboys - bushrejndzhery Robin the Buzzing of the end of a XIX-th century. Bearded men, konokrady and robbers, in samopalnyh an armour, but at ties, successfully resist to all British army.

I walk across Moscow 21. 15

the Director G.Danelia. In roles: A.Loktev, N.Mikhalkov, G.Polsky (the USSR, 1963)

the Film became one of symbols Thaw cinema contrary to primary intention of the film heads to oppose to tragical lyricism Outposts of Ilyich Marlena Hutsieva carefree optimism: There is all on light well. In what business - at once you will not understand .

Lolita 0. 00

Director E.Lajn. In roles: D.Ajrons, D. Suejn (the USA, 1997)

the Author Nine and a half weeks has tried to pass in the footsteps of the great Stanley Kubrika for the first time picturizing the novel of Vladimir Nabokov in 1962. But of care has made Lolita the ripened maiden, than hopelessly all has spoilt.

the STAR

Unique spring 20. 20

Director A.Stolper. In roles: E.Kozyreva, I.Izvitsky, A.Mihajlov (the USSR, 1957)

unfairly forgotten film of the future author Live and dead . Archeologists - a newly-married couple face on excavation in Central Asian prigraniche plague epidemic.

the Don story 3. 15

the Director V.Fetin. In roles: L.Chursina, G.Shtil, And. Smirnov (the USSR, 1964)

Lyudmila Chursinoj`s Sensuality - the main advantage of this screen version of the story of Michael Sholokhov about the Cossack painfully choosing between revolution and love.