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Spaghetti from Donizetti

Continuing a course on distinct author`s direction, the New opera has addressed to Petersburg director Yury Aleksandrovu who is simultaneously known for the love to Donizetti`s operas and ability poveselit. As a result on the prime minister the Love drink together with all hall EKATERINA - BIRJUKOVA laughed.
the Love drink - Donizetti`s written by it for two weeks and from the moment of the premiere in 1832 incessantly travelling on opera stage of whole world the easy and charming masterpiece. The ingenuous plot is weaved, as well as it is necessary in a comic genre, from collision of numerous unexpectedness (arrival and leaving of group of soldiers, occurrence of the doctor - the charlatan, the death of the rich uncle) and as a result results the whimsical beauty and its unlucky admirer in a happy wedding outcome. Even it is surprising that as a basic point for such happy end the book read by both characters about a love potion of Tristana and Isoices which, is literally in some decades read by Wagner has served, has led to absolutely other results.

improbably prolific director and the art director Sankt - PeterburgOpera Yury Aleksandrov (it has put some part of the two hundred performances at the Maryinsky Theater, and also in Big, Underground a La Scala and to Arena di Verona ) Addressed to this opera already some times and obviously with it on you . It used the given statement as possibility to play a trick not only over heroes of an opera, but also over spectators and in general it is necessary all opera direction.

the first part of performance spectators fondly rejoice vampuchnym to delights Tuscan poseljan which diligence of artist Vyacheslav Okunev look heroes of a magnificent carnival - and is faster Brazilian, than Venetian. The conductor of Erie Klas too strikes a heat (it appearing and is more temperamental, and more carefully, than in last year`s to the Magic flute ) . And only with shouts Will suffice! Enough! Companions, zanudno, it is old-fashioned! which a loud bass the person in an orchestra (he is Oleg Didenko in a role of doctor Dulkamary) spectators sings understand that them fool. The trite beauty during the moment is replaced by competent poverty, worthy actual opera theatre: a grey court yard - a well, the mad old woman in a kimono (just it was the rich Japanese tourist with the camera), a butt with an inscription Beer vile women in mini - skirts, the same vile muzhiks in stripped vests, and under the pretext of a love drink as confidentially inform us a caption, Dulkamara sells cheap portveshok.

Accessible Russian here quite gets on with Italian, and as the culmination of these not opera facts of life risky chastooshkas which sing directly under music of the classic belkanto serve: Fall in love with me, the maiden/ I the People`s Deputy/ At me a high rating/ And the impressive mandate/ With the deputy I not against/ With the deputy all of us for/ But am afraid that only the rating/ At it has not risen . To the classic, by the way, there too gets: to Hang up on spaghetti ears/ All men of the master/ maestro Donizetti/ It did on hurrah .

it is difficult not to notice that if a sad court yard - the well casts memoirs on one of scenes rotary for the newest domestic opera direction Kitezh Dmitry Chernjakova all surroundings of a romance zabritogo in soldiers of Nemorino (a cap with ear-flaps, snow, a bum of the truck which is put out from - for side scenes) is greetings chernjakovskim Oneginu and Aide . But, in general, quite kind such greetings.

It seems, other especially serious senses in statement it is not found out, though the Brazilian carnival, gradually mutirujushchy towards classical ballet, is not present - is not present and comes back, hinting it seems at illusoriness of borders of dream and a reality. The question on riddles of female soul of beauty Adiny, from two gentlemen chosen unsportsmanlike clodhopper Nemorino (Michael Gubsky`s qualitative and touching work), remains, in general - that, without the answer. However, with man`s incentive motives no questions are present - together with the heroes the director frankly admires Adinoj from different directions.

in effect, scatterings gegov and a rare set of advantages of the featured actress - here the main values of new statement. On its first display (which in to the New opera it is traditionally given for fathers, mums and the press) Adinoj was young Olga Miroshnikov which just right to name opening. The bright voice, the good technics, modelling figure, shitty plasticity of Penelopy Krus and the full freedom, allowing to dance a cancan on a table, - all at it. And if to consider that at theatre there are two more structures and in everyone it seems is available on the singer, ready to sing a coloratura in underwear it turns out that to Anna Netrebko (Adina - one of its firm parties) grows worthy change.