Rus News Journal


the Note: geopolitics, the markets, an amnesia (the basic project Moscow biennial)/ till April, 1st

I Trust / till March, 15th

Darren Almond/ till April, 1st

the Matter and Memory / till April, 1st

We - your future / till April, 1st

Monuments of our alarm: the place expiration / till April, 1st

Gari Tatintsjana Gallery

Hunky Dory (all in azhure) / till April, 20th

Gallery Zurab

Onions of Pankratstsi. Painting/ till April, 1st

Zurab Tsereteli`s Gallery on Prechistenka

Van Guofen. the ideality Statement / till March, 25th

Gallery Fine Art

Serzh Golovach/ till March, 13th

the State centre of the modern art

Bring down Export/ till March, 28th

40 years of German videoarta (1963 - 2004) / till March, 18th

Business centre Znamenka

Cyril Chelushkin. Everything that I have had time to understand about light and a shade / till March, 31st


Maternity home / till April, 1st

the Moscow museum of the modern art on Petrovka

Petroliana. Oil patriotism / till April, 1st

Left Pop / till April, 1st

Andrey Bartenev/ till April, 1st

the Moscow museum of the modern art in Ermolaevsky

the Urbanistic formalism 2005 - 2006 / till April, 1st

Fund the Modern city

Vadim Zaharov. the Kremlin in the Botanical garden / till April, 2nd

Fund an era

Yury Albert/ till March, 27th

the Center of the modern art of M ` ARS

ArtDigital - 2006: a borderline / till April, 1st

Central Department Store

Dzhanni Moti/ till April, 1st