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Anna Netrebko has deduced brilliants to the public

the Concert of opera star Anna Netrebko in the Big hall of conservatory has collected a wide range of secular visitors. Victualer Arcady Novikov who has returned to the singer dropped by it during performance a bracelet, as as mister Novikov admitted subsequently, " became one of heroes of evening; to run with it all the same there was no place .
Subscriptions do not operate today! Depart - security guards ottirali from an input in conservatory of old women to pass owners of tickets for Anna Netrebko`s concert. Among fans of opera singing have appeared head of a consortium the Alpha - groups Michael Friedman, the head of Federal agency of culture and cinematography Michael Shvydkoj, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, the deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Rogozin, singer Alexander Malinin, president FK the Locomotive Yury Semin and radio leader Svetlana Sorokin. In a hall of visitors as owners organizers of action co-owners of company Mercury Leonid Fridljand and Leonid Strunin met.

In foyer to visitors offered champagne Moet and Chandon and chocolate from jeweller company Chopard. However the majority I will give led by the editor-in-chief of magazine Elle Irina Mihajlovsky, having rejected an entertainment, have directed to small vitrinkam in which products Haute Joailerie of the same manufacturer were exposed. The absolute indifference to brilliants was shown by head arte - the fact Alexander Shumsky who has come on a concert with the son, and also the newly made editor-in-chief of magazine Hello Svetlana Bondarchuk who has preferred to jeweller exhibits dialogue with colleagues.

Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin and his wife Irina have drawn attention of public dresses unusual to conservatory. On mister Kudrin there was similar on rokerskuju a leather jacket, on his wife - a black dress from which deep decollete the linen with pastes gleamed. Secular scandal-mongers have immediately condemned such dress and named it not opera . However, the couple of Kudrinyh not too paid attention to other visitors, loudly applauding the singer.

the daughter of the former adviser of the president of Ukraine Boris Nemtsov Jeanne Nemtsov who was unusually good this evening used special attention of visitors also. It was accompanied by mum Raisa (the first wife of mister Nemtsov) and the vice-president of bank Petrokommerts Dmitry Stepanov, the groom of the girl.

the deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Rogozin in an interval loudly represented to familiar and unfamiliar visitors the companion then told all wishing political jokes. Mister Shvydkoj, on the contrary, tried to behave quietly and in an interval has left in a corner for conversation with composer Vladimir Matetsky. Its interest has been caused by creativity of the variety collective unfamiliar to it, which mister Matetsky as a part of professional jury recognised as worthy participations in song competition the Eurovision . The mister Matetsky has promised to mister Shvydkomu fast acquaintance to group.

in clothes visitors discussed dropped by madam Netrebko during number execution encore bracelet Chopard. The ornament has departed to the first row of an orchestra and has fallen under feet to victualer Arcady Novikovu who has immediately returned a jewelry to the opera star. Receiving outer clothing, the victualer has joked that all the same to run with dorogushchim a bracelet there was no place . In the meantime madam Netrebko together with colleagues of Ildebrando D`Arkanzhelo, Ekaterina Semenchuk and conductor Dzhordano Bellinikampi have gone to give a press - conference.