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Kabelshchiki have united against radio speakers

Cable TV channels the Russian operators of cable TV adhere to frequencies
last week have begun mass renewal of contracts with subscribers in connection with coming into force of Rules of rendering of a telecommunication service for tele-radio broadcasting. Rules of rendering of a telecommunication service for the tele-radio broadcasting, confirmed by the government in December of last year on March, 1st have come into force. Earlier contracts between the operator of cable TV and the subscriber consisted in any order, now they should be concluded according to the form established by rules. Most of all censures from participants of the market causes that fact that the form of the licence for the telecasting, given out Rosohrankultury to the speaker, assumes that each TV channel in a cable network will broadcast on one, fixed in the licence, concrete frequency. In the licence concrete frequency of an announcement in a cable network registers, and one on all territory of distribution, - tells the general director ` Strim - TV ` Grigory Novitsky. - that is now the operator of cable TV at formation of packages of TV channels cannot broadcast on this frequency other product before the termination of term of the licence of the speaker which stands out for five years .