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Great French capitulation

Jacque Chirac has acted yesterday with a broadcast appeal to the nation in which declared the leaving from a policy. Chirac`s epoch in France has ended. Its results 12 - summer board rather unfavourable: stagnation in economy, an explosive situation in social sphere, doubtful reputation on international scene. Moreover, Jacque Chirac leaves, actually despised by followers: all present candidates for presidents, without dependence from their political orientation, condemn the leaving veteran and otkreshchivajutsja from its heritage.
Jacque Chirac to the last refused to recognise that he does not participate any more in a game of politics. His wife Bernadett Chirac in the end of the last year even, having taken courage, hinted in interview that the husband is strong and popular and can be overcome again for a presidential post. Jacque Chirac to tell the such did not dare. With its present rating nearby 1 % even to think of participation in elections it would be ridiculous: The shame on elections would become the pitiable end of long-term career.

however, to many Frenchmen Jacque Chirac`s present leaving and so it not seems triumphal. Last presidential election, 2002, he has won almost casually - having typed pity 20 % in the first round and having received in the second very convenient contender of the ultranationalist Jean - Mari Le Foam.

in present pre-election race Jacque Chirac hardly probable could make the way even in the four. As last polls testify, struggle became actually equal: centrist Francois Bajru has almost caught up sotsialistku with Segolene Royal - at it of 24 %, and at it of 25 %, favourite Nikola Sarkozy hardly ahead from 26 %. Considering a statistical error, chances of all three candidates become absolutely equal. Besides about 40 % of voters say that yet have not solved, for whom to vote. Candidates desperately criticise each other, but even more strongly they fall upon Jacque Chirac declared by the originator of all troubles of modern France.

Perhaps, the main failure of presidency of Jacque Chirac is a stagnation in economy. Economic growth has decreased to 3,2 %, unemployment has reached almost 10 %, budgetary deficiency became hardly probable not to the greatest among the developed countries. the failure in Jacque Chirac`s economic policy is not that other, as crisis of the Fifth republic - political scientist Nikola Baverez has told. In its opinion, Jacque Chirac has appeared is incapable to make that from it all Frenchmen demanded, - to make any distinct the decision, to make structural reforms in economy and social sphere. Jacque Chirac will enter into history the nonacceptance of decisions Toma Gomar, the researcher from the French institute of the international relations echoes. For Jacque Chirac Frantsija`s two presidential terms has faced the basic problems of last time: excitements in suburbs, nationalism growth, interethnic and interreligious friction. However any plan of the decision of these questions Jacque Chirac it was offered not.

realising the vulnerability in internal policy, Jacque Chirac always rested on the achievements on international scene. The main thing from them is the basic protest against war in Iraq. According to political scientists, aspiring to smooth the failures in the country, Jacque Chirac has started to make advances to nostalgia of Frenchmen on an image of France as great power.

Jacque Chirac very much liked to use rhetoric of the great nation, - tells Toma Gomar. - However the more he argued on it, the the difference between the facts and its perception of the validity became more obvious. The same question, by the way, now rises and in Russia. However, in France the population already was, seemingly, defined with the answer to it. It is not ready to pay the economic price for strengthening derzhavnosti. Therefore with Jacque Chirac`s leaving its such imagination, as ` the multipolar world `, and other theses about greatness of France ", most likely, will disappear;.

France really has a certain nostalgia, - considers Beatrice Zhiblen, the director of the French institute of geopolitics. - it would like to be great power. It would be desirable, that a voice of France heard. But on it there are no means .

Jacque Chirac`s Probable successors on a post of the president do not hide that intend to replace priorities in foreign policy and to refuse a heritage of the present president. For example, Nikola Sarkozy leading party now created by Jacque Chirac the Union for national movement it is known for the pro-American orientation. He considers that to France followed support the American campaign in Iraq and as a whole to be guided by Washington. According to Nikola Sarkozy, France cannot become great power alone but only if it will have such trustworthy alien and the partner, as the USA.

Segolenes Royals and Francois Bajru, on the contrary, criticise Jacque Chirac for an inattention to uniform Europe. They consider that France can declare itself in the world, only being a key part of such new great power, as the European Union. In their opinion, one of Jacque Chirac`s main errors - an infamous referendum of 2005 about the euroconstitution: then the president did not manage to convince the nation of necessity of acceptance of the euroconstitution, and it has braked development of the all-European authorities.

a criticism subject is as well Jacque Chirac`s relation to Russia, and to Vladimir Putin in particular. The French political scientists assume that with Jacque Chirac`s leaving contacts between Moscow and Paris become more reserved without dependence from the one who will occupy the Elisejsky palace. On the one hand, right it was always easier to find French common language with Moscow, rather than to socialists: left traditionally give special attention to human rights and a freedom of speech. However Nikola Sarkozy - atypical right. During the trips to the USA he repeatedly very sharply expressed the Russian authorities. Besides, he stayed in Tbilisi with Michael Saakashvili and, on hearings, sympathises with it. Therefore to become friend Nikola for the Russian president the leader right in case of the victory hardly can.

will not go on excessive affinity with Moscow and Segolene Royal. She more than once said that in relations with Russia begins to follow the lead of German chancellor Angela Merkel - that is to be friendly, but thus to keep the Russian partners at arm`s length. Francois Bajru is so hot supporter of uniform Europe that, according to the confidants, never will risk to build any exclusive relations with Moscow bypassing colleagues on the European Union. In case of a victory he will insist on the uniform European approach to relations with Russia. for France Germany always was the most important partner, - tells Beatrice Zhiblen. - much more important, the Russia. Paris will not build any new tripartite alliances more .

At last, in a present situation each of candidates in presidents is extremely dependent on opinion of mass-media. Meanwhile image of Russia and the Kremlin in the French press is now extremely adverse. Actually friendly relations with the Russian power are one of elements of unpopularity of inactive Jacque Chirac, the, for what continue to criticise it. And from these positions the future creators " will start to build the policy; epoch after Chirac .