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On sites voted hands and feet

Yesterday of elections has been noted by actions of Natsional - Bolshevist party (NBP) in three cities, shooting in Dagestan and beating in St.-Petersburg.
in Samara yesterday on polling district #855 at Polytechnical university where the Samara governor Konstantin Titov should vote, natsboly Ivan Kolosov and Roman Mishurov have chained itself chains to flagstaffs, have lighted fajery and have cried: your elections - a farce! Other Russia is necessary to us! Down with a police state! the run up militiamen without results tried to break off chains hands. They hurried up, as the train of the governor any minute should approach. To drag shouting natsbolov from flagstaffs militiamen could only after the employee of protection of the governor a breakage has interrupted a chain. Arrested persons have withdrawn in a distant corridor of a building and have arranged with it ekzekutsiju. The correspondent saw, how to one of guys the militiaman has struck in a stomach and it with groan a donkey on a floor. On it the unapproved action has not ended. Active worker NBP of Anastas Kurt - Adzhieva has scattered in a hall of a leaflet and with shout your elections - a farce! has overturned a voting box. The girl have there and then seized. And then, already at office of local branch NBP, militiamen have detained two correspondents who have arrived behind comments to the leader Samara natsbolov to Michael Ganganu. Journalists delivered in branch and, taking from them explanatory, in four hours have released. natsbolov have accused of small hooliganism and have sent in court.

simultaneously natsboly have carried out actions on polling district #1763 in Odintsov`s situated near Moscow Garrison Officers` Club and on a site #53 at the State university of Kareliya that in the centre of Petrozavodsk. your elections - a farce! - Limonov supporters in Odintsov shouted, have lighted fajery and have developed flags with a sickle and a hammer. Under the similar scenario of event were developed in Petrozavodsk. Participants of actions in both cases have detained. Only have accused not of hooliganism, and in hindrance to realisation of suffrages or work of election committees (141 - I article UK), for what threatens them till four years of imprisonment. Press photographers, Reuters and RIA Novosti news agency the consequence intends to involve with witnesses on business. And in the late evening of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region has informed on detention of 12 more Limonov supporters which have ostensibly broken a public order at railway station of Odintsovo.

but if actions natsbolov passed in whole peacefully in the Dagestan city of Buinaksk and St.-Petersburg blood has spilt. At an input on polling district #4 in a building of co-operative technical school on Makhachkala highway of Buinaksk the crush was formed: The premise for voting has appeared too small, members of election committee did not cope with a stream of people. About three o`clock in the afternoon the car has approached on a site and any young man has tried to pass without turn through crowd. It have not passed, and standing in crowd 28 - summer Rasul Magomedov, the son of the chief of local bureau of technical inventory, has entered with the impatient voter skirmish, and then and has struck it. The stranger who has appeared on the earth has snatched out a pistol, has shot to voter Magomedov at a stomach and has disappeared. The wounded man in a grave condition have taken to hospital.

in St.-Petersburg yesterday as militiamen have noted, infringements it has not been fixed. However participants of elective campaign confirmed the return. For example, has suffered the assistant to the candidate of Legislative Assembly of a city from Fair Russia Alexey Timofeeva - Olga Chalkina. It has gone to cafe Tet - and - tet On the prospectus of Enthusiasts to check up the information on payoff of voters. According to madam Chalkinoj when it was in it cafe, voters began to knock on its doors and to demand grocery sets. people shouted: ` We have voted for an United Russia ! ` the Mistress of cafe has become angry, has seized me in an armful and has knocked about a wall - has told the assistant to the deputy. The woman has been hospitalised with brain concussion, and then released home. And on the eve of campaign the attack on one active worker of this party, Victor Bykova has been made. On the night of March, 10th in a court yard of the house 42 along the street Shkapina where mister Bykov lives, have some times struck it a knife behind under the left shovel. With shouts Kill! the victim has rushed from a court yard on street where has stopped the car on garbage cleaning. Its driver has helped mister Bykovu to cause fast and militia. this crime I connect only with elective campaign. The day before, on March, 9th, to my colleagues on municipal council called with threats and offers to stop to agitate for ` Fair Russia ` - mister Bykov has told.

how took place voting, read on p. 3.

, Samara; EKATERINA - SAVIN; ANTONINA - KRAMSKY, Petrozavodsk; JULIA - the BIG FISH, Makhachkala; DMITRY - KAMENSK, St.-Petersburg