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Importers will pay for all at once

the State Duma has offered participants of foreign trade activities (foreign trade activities) a new kind of maintenance of payment of the customs duties, taxes - complex. This idea contains in amendments to the Customs code, approved in the first reading by the State Duma. According to authors of the project, possibility of uniform maintenance by all kinds of operations should simplify life to importers, in FTS oppose uniform maintenance .
the State Duma on Friday has approved in the first reading the bill supplementing the Customs code (TK) by new articles, concerning customs administration, calculation, payment, collecting and return of customs payments. As authors of the project the group of deputies - United Russia party members has acted. One of them, a member of the Duma budgetary committee Azarov`s Hope has told that changes are prepared for elimination technical errors and blanks revealed as a result of monitoring of application TK of Russia since January, 1st, 2004. Besides, as she said, amendments are based on the international rules in the field of customs business including the states which are the basic trading partners of Russia.

as she said, the new kind of maintenance of payment of the customs duties and the VAT at import - complex maintenance can become one of innovations TK. Now TK provides four variants of their maintenance: commodity or monetary pledge, a bank guarantee or the guarantee. The size of such maintenance for the customs applicant depends on the sum of customs payments, but the definitive sum of maintenance is defined by customs bodies. As to other kinds of activity, for the customs broker the sum of maintenance not less than 50 million rbl., for the owner of a warehouse of time storage - 2,5 million rbl. and in addition 1000 rbl./ sq. m (300 rbl./ cubic), and also 20 million rbl. - for a customs carrier. The certificate on these kinds of activity stands out for five years.

Authors of the bill have decided to add the list with a new kind. According to Nadezhdy Azarovoj, it will give the chance to the participants of foreign trade activities who are carrying out simultaneously some of customs operations of different kinds, to choose a uniform way of maintenance for all operations. The new kind of maintenance co-ordinates with other deputy amendment: about introduction of a joint liability of the customs broker and the customs applicant on payment of the customs duties. Authors of the project are assured that operating rules about responsibility of the customs broker are insufficient also them it is necessary to add. The bill provides strengthening of responsibility not only for non-payment of customs payments, but also for delay with payments. Besides it deputies also intend to prolong term for the banks acting as guarantors of the clients before customs bodies, from one till five years.

according to the chief specialist of department of marketing of the customs broker TSoll. Ru Sergey Butko, new rules only will complicate life to customs brokers. All responsibility for non-payment of customs payments is assigned to them, for example, in case of organisation liquidation - the importer and inability to provide payments - the lawyer has explained. As he said, guarantee payment of all payments large brokers can only. We will note, in FTS have declared yesterday that are not assured that from a new kind of maintenance overall performance of customs bodies will raise . Doubts expediency of amendments and budgetary committee of the State Duma: in the conclusion he specifies that joint liability introduction can lead to double collecting of the sum of customs payment .

Even Azarov`s madam does not exclude that by preparation for the second reading (it is planned on the end of April) authors of the bill can refuse the idea. As she said, for introduction of the uniform form of maintenance the operating kind " can be used; general maintenance . Now this way is applied, if customs operations are spent by one company in different customs bodies. However, experts notice that general maintenance also it is focused on large customs brokers.