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The Russian actives Wall have departed to Frenchmen

the Second-large operator of outdoor advertising in the world the French group JCDecaux became the proprietor of the Russian actives of German company Wall. They will be integrated into company BigBoard under control to Frenchmen therefore that becomes the third on number of surfaces the Russian operator. Only to begin with BigBoard it is necessary to settle conflict Wall to officials of Moscow and St.-Petersburg.
in the end of the past week the French group JCDecaux and German company Wall in which JCDecaux 35 % of actions belong, declared an exchange of actives. JCDecaux has transferred Wall 100 % of German branches VVR - Decaux and Georg Zacharias. In turn, Frenchmen have received from Germans of 100 % of representation Wall in the Netherlands, 10 % of office in the USA (JCDecaux in it 50 % already belonged) and, at last, 100 % of Russian Joint-Stock Company Vall the CIS . In Russia at JCDecaux already there is company BigBoard. Actives Wall in Moscow and St.-Petersburg will add BigBoard and will allow JCDecaux to develop in Russia, is told in a press - company release.

JCDecaux - second-large after Clear Channel Outdoor the operator of outdoor advertising in the world. The gain in 2006 - 1,946 billion In September, 2006 has entered the Russian market, having created the joint venture with Czech BigBoard Group - in working in Russia and in Ukraine company BigBoard to Frenchmen posesses 40 % of actions. In Russia BigBoard belongs over 3,1 thousand surfaces. According to the research company ESPAR - the Analyst gain BigBoard in Russia in 2006 - over $15 million

German Wall AG - 11 - j on size the operator of outdoor advertising in the world. The gain in 2006 - 134,5 million In Russia works since 1992. To the company belongs more than 2,1 thousand surfaces of city - a format (1,2 h 1,8) in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. By an estimation ESPAR - the Analyst Gain Wall in Russia in 2006 has exceeded $3 million

the General managing director of the company BigBoard Russia Ruslan Zheludik has informed that in the nearest two weeks its firm will book audit Vall the CIS then it will be already possible to speak about integration of actives more particularly . The Most probable scenario experts name association of all designs under mark BigBoard and their uniform sales through sales - house BidMedia. In this case company BigBoard becomes the third by quantity of surfaces (over 5,2 thousand) the Russian operator of outdoor advertising, the general director " marks; ESPAR - the Analyst Andrey Berezkin. By data for December, 2006, on this indicator company News Outdoor Russia (31,2 thousand) is in the lead, it is followed by group Gallery (14,1 thousand) . The present third player on size, the Petersburg operator the Poster 4 thousand parties has almost.

association with Wall will strengthen positions BigBoard not only on number of designs, the general director of the company " ascertains; Nike the Novel Dubinin: Till now at BigBoard city designs - a format were only in regions, now to them will be added very attractive address program in Petersburg and a bit conceding to it on quality the offer in Moscow . From merge of two operators advertisers will win also, after all to agencies to work with several large players easier, the director for advertising placing is convinced of not broadcasting mass-media of agency MediaVest Alexey Vasilenko.

However to begin with it is necessary for management BigBoard to settle conflict Wall c officials, participants of the market remind. As already informed on March, 5th, the mayoralty of Petersburg has refused to prolong expired in this year 15 - the flight contract with Wall for installation of advertising designs. The authorities consider its unprofitable for themselves. So, for rent of places under city designs - format Wall paid to a city all these years only 100 rbl. a month. The administration of Petersburg has already exposed the address program Wall on competition. In Moscow contract Wall with officials operates till 2012, however the Moscow authorities now challenge it in court. probably, Germans have given the Russian actives JCDecaux as have realised that relations with the Russian officials were at a deadlock - Andrey Berezkin believes. We will put a maximum of efforts to keep all designs Wall in Russia - promises Ruslan Zheludik.

the Co-owner of the company Belief and the Olympus Dmitry Djumin doubts that the authorities of Petersburg will cancel already declared competition only from - that at Vall the CIS the proprietor was replaced: the New owner should participate in the auctions in accordance with general practice . In Moscow, according to Dubinin`s Novel, new owners of actives Wall still can agree with officials. now all operators renew with the mayoralty contracts on new conditions. To keep surfaces Wall, BigBoard it is necessary to make the same - mister Dubinin speaks. The Moscow authorities only will be glad to it, the chairman of capital committee on advertising Vladimir Makarov confirms.