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The Stavropol extreme measures

One of the most scandalous during present regional campaign became elections in a thought of Stavropol Territory. Opposition between an United Russia and Fair Russia has poured out here in the open conflict of leaders of their lists - governor Alexander Tchernogorov and the mayor of Stavropol Dmitry Kuzmin. MARIA observed of their fights - LOUISE - TIRMASTE the correspondent.
last days both parties in power have thrown all forces on discredit of competitors. In edge there were propaganda materials printed on the printer against Fair Russia . In them mayor Kuzmin have compared to Hitler, having placed their portraits nearby under heading Masters of pre-election provocations . When Hitler was torn to the power, it has set fire to Rejhstag. Kuzmin has arranged egg - and ` kalometanie ` - authors of a leaflet have informed, hinting at incident in Kavminvodah when the mayor tried to shower with rotten eggs and bags with a dirt. In a staff an United Russia from the propaganda material otkrestilis, having written off it on public opponents of the mayor.

in turn, spravorossy have published the newspaper exposing activity of the governor. I persuaded its two months to come on debate with my participation and to tell about the work, but he has flatly refused - mister Kuzmin has declared. Tchernogorov out of squabbles, - have explained in a staff of United Russia party members. - as we have understood, Kuzmin wanted to discuss how the governor has got divorced from wife, but its this private affair on the air. Kuzmin translates all in scandal, and the governor has risen above .

The head of edge is assured, what exactly spravorossy have untwisted history with its divorce. certainly, they have organised scandal, - yesterday mister Tchernogorov emotionally explained, leaving from the site. - have paid to it huge money, it is visible - not its brains. I do not have fault with the wife, I live for the fair salary, and she has not understood, what not Khodorkovsky or Berezovsky`s wife! it not ` Fair Russia ` and not I, - have in absentia objected the mayor. - it is a lot of hearings, but this scandal is not connected with elections. Irina Tchernogorov does not consist neither in our party, nor in its supporters. I it in general saw once on a New Year`s banquet at the governor in 2002 .

Anyway, the governor considers Dmitry Kuzmin as the enemy. On Friday it for all campaign has appeared for the first time in a paid teleether, having concentrated on the critic Fair Russia and its regional leader. I run on Presidential Administration, eliciting money for edge, and others go across Strasbourg and ` to Blizzards ` - he has complained, having quoted the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky who has told that the mayor of Stavropol will soon sit down . Mister Kuzmin in the answer has promised: Elections will pass - we will dismiss Tchernogorov .

Tchernogorov now bring down the same, than it brought down the competitors on governor`s elections: edge shake on the protest, - the political strategist ` has explained to an United Russia ` Sergey Markelov. - today Kuzmin literally Tchernogorov of the sample of 1996 when he on elections shouted: ` I Will plant Marchenko (eks - governor Peter Marchenko. - ), I will plant the public prosecutor ` . Mister Tchernogorov considers on - to another. God forbid to such politicians as Kuzmin, to break in the power, - he has told. - Kuzmin - a baby`s dummy, the conducted person .

Nevertheless in a staff of United Russia party members are assured of the victory: At ` Fair ` will be about 30 %, at us - an order of 40 % . The governor admitted that in the Kremlin to it specific targets did not put, but on 40 - 45 % the party counts. On all regions ` an United Russia ` a task in view to type 50 %, and to Tchernogorov, as especially ` presented `, - 40 - 42 % - Dmitry Kuzmin, which, despite " has shown awareness; impudent pressure and intimidation of voters from the authorities it is assured of a victory of the party. if will not be vbrosa - we will win, though initially me convinced that at an administrative resource of the party in power it is impossible to win - he admitted.

United Russia party members too accuse opponents of use of an administrative resource. So, them has revolted that in the centre of Stavropol under windows of regional administration Fair Russia has opened free a justice skating rink having invited to opening the Olympic champion entering into its list on figure skating Elena Berezhnuju. we have written the complaint to electoral committee to establish the fact of payoff of voters - have informed in United Russia . And the governor who has come yesterday to vote in the company of the deputy minister of justice of Vladimir Kolesnikov, has told about vbrosy since the morning bulletins on three city sites. such dirty campaign I did not see never for the life - he admitted. The vice-president krajizbirkoma Vladimir Bajrak has agreed that elections pass very hard, tensely . Two parties carry on the strengthened propaganda in which legality " is not always looked through; - he has diplomatically noted, having underlined that the edge became range on working off of technologies for Duma and presidential election.

feature of the Stavropol elections of a steel and unexpected political alliances. The mayor does not hide that Fair Russia sojuznichaet about LDPR and Union of Right Forces with which the agreement on joint struggle for resignation of the governor is signed. And the Communist Party of the Russian Federation as which mister Kuzmin considers Tchernogorov`s pocket party co-operates with an United Russia . With communists we have agreed, and in a thought they will play with us - Sergey Markelov admitted shtabist United Russia party members. Thus, the alignment of forces in a regional thought will depend and on results of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and Union of Right Forces. yes, me it is not indifferent, with whom to work the next five years, - Alexander Tchernogorov has declared. - it is necessary to float in one boat, instead of as a swan, a cancer and a pike. Russia has begun definition of the prospect with Stavropol Territory on a five-years period . Actually it goes power change in the country, - Dmitry Kuzmin has offered other version. - ` the United Russia ` with an ulterior motive on us has bristled up .