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The Russian journalist have sent in political emigration

British The Sunday Times yesterday Maria Ivanov who ostensibly has asked a political asylum in the USA has written about the Russian journalist, conditionally named. On a number mentioned in The Sunday Times details it is possible to assume that Fatime Tlisovoj is a question of the journalist from Nalchik. However, madam Tlisova has assured, is not going what to emigrate.
The Sunday Times has published on Sunday a material about the Russian journalist who has asked a political asylum in the USA. According to the newspaper, the US State department has already given the preliminary consent to it. The newspaper does not inform a real name of the journalist, naming it Maria Ivanovoj, the expert across caucasus . According to the newspaper, the journalist has dared at emigration after in October, 2006 on its apartment the attack " has been made; and a bit later, having drunk a cup of coffee, she has poisoned. I have woken up from an awful pain. On my lips there were no integuments, almost naked meat. The same has occurred to my fingers. From me the beginning slazit a skin - results The Sunday Times its words. In November, 2006 the journalist has been hospitalised repeatedly: she has fainted after the drunk cup of tea. Analyses have shown problems with heart blood circulation, but the woman has declared to the newspaper that her have poisoned.

the description resulted in the newspaper coincides that occurred in the autumn of last year to the journalist from Nalchik Fatimoj Tlisovoj. Now it works the chief - the editor of news agency Regnum across the North Caucasus. In 2005 and 2006 madam Tlisova shined for Associated Press agency and of some the Russian editions an attack of insurgents to Nalchik. We will remind, in October, 2005 they attacked the Ministry of Internal Affairs and UFSB on Kabardino - Balkarii, and also the Center on fight against terrorism and some police stations in Nalchik. Then 25 law enforcement officers and 12 civilians were lost, 92 insurgents have been killed. Fatima Tlisova wrote that the detained insurgents are exposed to tortures.

moreover, in October the house of parents of Fatimy Tlisovoj was searched by law enforcement bodies (the similar episode also is mentioned in The Sunday Times). And in November a number of the western mass-media has informed that the journalist is poisoned and is in hospital. really, from the description it is possible to draw a conclusion that is a question of Fatime Tlisovoj. But neither me, nor colleagues about its intention to leave the country do not know - the assistant to the editor-in-chief of magazine " has declared shining events in Nalchik; Sense Orhan Dzhemal.

I have no relation neither to this history, nor to the publication in The Sunday Times. Probably, it is a question of any other journalist, for example, from the Chechen Republic - madam Tlisova has declared. Fatima did not communicate with authors of the publication. And despite some subject similarities, speech, most likely, goes not about it - the editor-in-chief of news agency " has declared; Regnum Konstantin Kazenin. The source in government Kabardino - Balkarii has declared that does not know, that someone from republican journalists could take such step. The US State department has flatly refused to make comments on the publication in the British newspaper.

in Russia there is a minimum of 100 journalists which have bases to take such step, - the head of the Center of the extreme journalism tracing conflict situations with representatives of the Russian press, Oleg Panfilov considers. - every year against journalists it is got 50 criminal and 5 - 6 thousand administrative affairs. State officials will say that this publication - the next blow to the image of Russia, but they the actions put to image of the country bolshy harm .